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ACEO 5 - Winged Phalloi

The Greeks and Romans were a weird bunch. Among their oddities was this little....err...guy. Generally portrayed with wings, occasionally with dog or lion paws and genitals of its own* they were used as good luck charms and amulets, and were worn by all genders and ages to ward off evil. You can see examples in a fair number of museums.

I don't make this stuff up. I just do tiny paintings of 'em.

This ACEO is a small (2.5 x 3.5) original mixed media painting--ink and colored pencil--cut out and collaged onto an interestingly textured paper with a transparent vellum overlay. It is up for auction on e-bay at [link] I'll also be offering a limited edition wee little print of this one here shortly--check my blog at [link] for details on that.

*Recursive anatomy at its finest.
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dickbutt relative
OFroakieStarO's avatar
:icondeathstareplz: This.......... is BEAUTIFUL!
EmberMoonFire's avatar
I could use one of those! Looks like it would ward off evil really well! I can see it hanging on a chain around my neck as we speak.. :-)
Hawkheart29's avatar
:rofl: Gotta love those Greeks!
Wicz3D's avatar
well im greek never seen a flying cock around these days,nice drawing
ArchangelBaw's avatar
Glad I'm not Greek or Roman lol
pysf94's avatar
though this depics a very wrong image in many ways. Cant help but to aww at some of the pics of them.
StarlitSkvader's avatar
#BiA-of-Mobius is holding a contest for Sonic The Hedgehog themed phalloi, of all things.

I'm one of the cofounders/judges. I used your images to goad them into it.

And really, they ARE cute. Especially yours.
RoxySavage's avatar
mmm, i have to say this is probably my least favorite of the series, for some reason its not as... i dunno, cute i guess :shrugs: still good though
ShotxXxGun's avatar
i've never heard of this, but it makes sense since being openly gay was a common thing for males back in the ancient greek and roman days! i'm not saying that this was a gay thing, but i mean since they could be open about it, it would make sense that they wouldn't be criticized for carrying penis amulets around lol.

it's very cute :3
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I scroll through different categories on Deviantart, and almost every single time I come upon a piece that's yours, without knowing it, I click on it and end up thinking it's awesome or loving it. I have to add you, because you have some awesome ideas.
TheMorbidHobbiest's avatar
If thats true, I want one.
TEAJAY's avatar
I am sure my uncle has a brooch of one of these.
oliveroso's avatar
Jejeje... excellent job.
delSHARK's avatar
You're right, that IS oddly cute. XD How funny~
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I can totally envision myself using this instead of a crucifix to ward of evil.

vamp: "ah a penis!"

MythrilWolf's avatar
I think I saw a charm of one once on TV. The History of Sex, and it was in the beginning talking about the greeks (as if they would be excluded in that kind of tv special!). I dont remember it having wings though.

Seriously I thought you made this up at first, but when I thought about it I remember seeing a little penis charm hanging in front of an old greek building on that tv show. Wierd. I just didnt know it was an actual creature, just...ya knooww. *shrug*
Gothou's avatar
very nice work! :)
i recently bought a book about all these symbols :)
its called "Sex or Symbol'' - erotic images of Greece and Rome- Catherine Johns ..
but im sure u know about it already :)
midnightlight05's avatar
OMG this lil guy is so CUTE!!!
kuroi-kai-den84's avatar
Is that also what I think it is...?
pixievamp's avatar
emessis's avatar
You know, I have a picture of one of these in a museum in Spain. It had a little rider and everything...

Wait wait, here it is! No wings on this one, unfortunately: [link]
UniquelyYours's avatar
Perky little thing :giggle:
DecoYserbia's avatar
this is what i call a "real cock art" :D
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