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ACEO 4 - Send Tea

Another day, another ACEO...this one used the teacup from "A Wizard of Tea," since I had a misprint laying around the studio, and decided to cut it up and play around with it. The background was torn paper towels painted random colors and rubbed with metallic fabric paint, then collaged all together.

There's a sort of 3-d effect with the teacup, because it was cut out of illustration board backing (and believe me, that was a stone bitch to do...the X-acto knife and I had words...)

ACEOs are "Artist Card Edition & Originals" and are a vast array of styles, medium, etc--but they're all 2.5 x 3.5 which is a charmingly wee little size to work.

Original is for sale on e-bay at [link] and wee little LE prints will probably be available as well.
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As my pillow would say "where there is tea, there is hope"

This is fantastic
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Tea solves a multitude of problems! I'm loving your work!
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but don't send tea to Boston.
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Tea for everyone! lol i love it ( that is your pic not just tea which i also love) :D
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Very cool idea with the paper towels! ^^
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I love tea! Could use some right now -sigh- Awesome work, though!
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Were you able to get my note? I really like the style of the art that you have been making lately...
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coffee, always indispensable XD
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Loves it and i need a tea right now seeing this [picture
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Thank God for tea. I practically mainline the stuff, so I'm very appreciative of this piece.
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hehe I love tea
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I now think that you should do a threat message which says, "Send tea or the ferret gets it!" :woot:
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Yeah. like the person above me said, the tea looks kind of like weak coffee :lol:
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The paper towel idea sounds like a lot of fun to do.

That tea looks pretty suspicious though. ._.
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