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I have to get a lot of little saleable originals done before Anthrocon this summer, so naturally I was immediately seized with the desire to do a grandiose technical experiment, digitally, featuring an obscure creature practically nobody collects (axolotls are a salamander with exposed feathery gills, and yes, they'd die of dehydration about ten minutes after the painting, I know), that looks like part of a vast series (although it won't be), in sepia no less, (which generally doesn't sell for beans) as if my Muse sat down with a calculator and some scratch paper and carefully worked out the farthest possible thing from what I ought to be doing, then then stapled the result to my forehead.


Anyway! It was an experiment with megascribble, converted to and washed with sepia. In the letter A. This is not a promise to do the other 25 letters, I hasten to add. In fact, the odds of my doing the onther 25 are vanishingly small, and not just because X would leave me stumped, but also because I'd crack under the strain and we'd have a Parade of Pangolins Purchasing Porn or a Hedonistic Hippo Hitting Hashish from His Hookah. I'd probably be fine with that, mind you, I just know that I will never do it. Please don't ask me when the rest are coming. It is not a series. It is nothing like a series. If I thought for one minute it was a series, there would never be another painting. I'm hardwired weird that way.

As for the experiment, my feelings are mixed--I do like sepia, even if it doesn't sell well, and the color wash does alleviate some of the problems with the technique in black and white, where it tends to get overly busy. Doing it in color, however, tends not to work at all--I'd need to leave a great deal more white than I do--but the sepia's a nice compromise. Still, not sure. I suspect this is one those things that may hammer around my brain for awhile, before finally clicking into what it needs to do (or not.) And I have the linework saved out seperately so that if something snaps into place, I can always re-do it.

Prints available, both in 8.5 x 11 and 13 x 19 size--not sure if I'll do an LE or not, since I dunno if this will be the final product. Depend on whether anybody wants it, I suppose! Anyway, send a note, happy to set that up!
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Oh poop! If you were at Anthrocon this year(2019) and I missed you. 
This is super cute <3 I immediately wanted a whole set, but yeah I can see that would be a huge investment in time.
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Hi! I admire your works for a long time, and this one is outstanding %) I discovered it while looking for images for Axolotl article on Russian WikiFur (the furry community encyclopedia). Can you grant your permission to use it as an illustration, or at least a thumbview of it? Of course, with all proper links and license boxes.
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Thats gorgeous. I'd buy it but I is broke. ^^; I recently discovered these babies and I am considering setting up a second aquarium to get one. ^^

Anyway. It's lovely. <3
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GAH! YEs! This made my day!

Axolotls need so much more love. After seeing them on Planet Earth (the caves section) I was smitten with the lovable squirts. Your portrayal of them as a tribe-like society is delightful.
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I love Axolotls! They're my favorite animal.
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lol, how can you not have a daily deviation award for this yet!?! This deserves one. This is absolutely fantastic!
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I think I love you. You and your keen artistic sense of herpetology. You make me happy.
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:wave: Hi there! :wave:
This piece has been featured in an anthro news article, found here: [link]
Thank you for the fantastic art - please keep it up! :D
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what a cool idea with all the A words. I love your picture and the axalotl look very cool. :)
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Jeez.. THIS is why I love you!! You do everything! I thought i was the only one that knew about Axolotls! Do hellbenders next!
haha i luv it. omg ur sense of humor is great, i was laughing the whole way through ur comments. now i wanna c the hippos and the parade of pangolins lol.
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That's great! The idea is really cool and (which is most important to me) you used armadillos!
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Contrary to popular belief, I for one adore sepia, and this is perfectly whimsical that I'd love to have a print. Are they still available?

I'd be greatful if you could let me know, thanks! =D
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Absolutely! Send a note or an e-mail--we got 'em!
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Wonderful! I'll note you later. TY :glomp:
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cool, great details
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i had one of those salamanders... the people at walmart put him in the bag with my dwarf frogs and on the way home i looked down to see wiggling frog legs protruding from it's mouth.
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oh i love this. an alliance how cool. great style i agree. you have very creative and excitingly splendrous drawings here. wonderful good job.
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Axolotls are Awsome!!
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I have see a childerns book similar to this. You should make a book too. good work
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