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Earthsea commission by eoghankerrigan
The Farthest Shore by Ainaven
TLHOD: Inside the blizzard by DappleHack
TLHOD: Nineteenth day by DappleHack
Earthsea cycle
Arha and Ged in the Painted Room by happyfennec
Prince Arren by Wolfberry-J
Tehanu by Wolfberry-J
Ogion in the Valley of Yaved by Wolfberry-J
Hainish cycle
Therem and Genly by HOLOI
A Parade in Erhenrang 2 by HOLOI
Gateway to the Glacier by Flane-Erenaeoth
Estraven by HOLOI
Annals of the Western Shore
Orsinian stories
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General inspiration
Orm Le Guin by Promth
Hi all, or those of you who have been joining this group so far ...

omelton has pointed out to me that so far, there has not been a "submit art" button for you to submit your submissions. :blush:

I apologize deeply for this - this is the first group I'm brave enough to manage and I hadn't gotten my head around all the features of the Admin area yet. I think it works now - if you're still experiencing problems please send me a note!

I have disabled submissions to the "Featured' folder, please submit your deviation directly to the appropriate folder (go to the folder in question and click the "contribute to this folder" button there). I've updated THE RULES with a list of what should go in which folder, though I suppose most of it is self-evident.

As it seems like the vast majority of Illustrations here on DA are for the Earthsea books, I may change the folder structure later, but let's just see how we go!

So pleae, get submitting -- this group wasn't meant to be for my own personal self-promotion! :P

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Hi Ursula Le Guin fans and illustrators out there! Welcome to this group!

Just a few words about what is appropriate and not appropriate to submit here:

The focus of this group are illustrations for Ursula Le Guin's novels, short stories and poems, as well as artworks (including photos, costumes, etc.) and literature which are inspired by her writings.

"Illustration" means, a pictorial representation of a scene, character or place from one of her books.

It does NOT include "Fan Art", as in:

a) images that are clearly derived from movie stills, such as the Earthsea anime movie or TV series.

Please don't submit them - I will absolutely not accept these. Because I think the art of Illustrating is coming up with your own images inspired by a text, not copying someone else's. Sorry, pals. :)

b) Images that show characters from the novels in situations that do not occur in the book.

You may submit those and I will accept or decline them, depending on if I think they're funny or interesting, and in good taste. The last decision, however, rests with me - please don't be offended if I decline your submission.


The author has been quite particular about accurately representing the looks of her characters - for instance, Ged, from the "Earthsea" series, is described as having dark reddish skin and dark hair. So please, when you think of illustrating these books, respect the author's descriptions of her characters. The "Earthsea" TV series, for instance, does not!

I reserve the right to decline submissions on these grounds.

More on this topic, and why I think it's important, here:…


Please choose the appropriate folder for your submission, and click on "contribute to this folder" to submit your art.

I've set up the folders as follows:

EARTHSEA CYCLE: A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, Tehanu, Tales from Earthsea, The Other Wind. Also any character scetches for Ged/Sparrowhawk, Tenar, Arren/Lebannen, Ogion, Therru/Tehanu, etc etc, should go here

HAINISH CYCLE: This includes most of UKLG's Science Fiction works: Rocannon's World, Planet of Exile, City of Illusions, The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed, The Word for World is Forest, The Eye of the Heron, The Telling, Four Ways to Forgivenness (and any short stories I may have forgot) -- NOTE: The Lathe of Heaven is not set in a world of the Ekumen, any work related to that novel should go into "Other Writings"


ORSINIAN STORUES: Malafrena, Orsinian Tales

OTHER WRITINGS: The Lathe of Heaven, Very Far Away from Anywhere Else, The Beginning Place, Always Coming Home, Lavinia, Story collections, Poems

GENERAL INSPIRATION: here should go any work that you can't fit in any of the other folders, or which don't relate to any story in particular. Also, any portraits of Ursula Le Guin would fit in here (as I know there are a couple of those floating around on DeviantArt)

Artworks submitted here should be of a reasonable standard of quality and finish. You don't have to be a professional, but please don't submit your scraps and doodles. :)






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How can I post my own pictures to this group (the ';post artwork' button isn't showing up)?
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I think what you need to do is go to the appropriate folder and submit it there (there should be a "contribute to this folder" button).

Let me know if this doesn't work, and I'll try to figure out the settings - I'm pretty new to this group thing myself!

But yes, please do get posting. :D
omelton Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010
Thank you! Seems to be working!
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I really do love your portrait of Estraven. :)
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