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YCH Find a date for Ruca!

doing something fun over on instagram! 

Do you have a OC you think would be a perfect fit for Ruca??
 >;0 does he like lizards?!! well, he better.
 Draw your existing OC here or make one up!
tag me and hashtag it #date4ruca tell me about him!
What’s his name? Where’s he from? What are his hobbies? Likes and dislikes? Favorite band? Where does he work?
  Let's do a speed date for Veruca and find her a new boy ( suck it Olly U w U )
 I’ll post them in my Instagram stories and tag you! maybe I can have a poll on there to pick the guy? or should I just pick myself?   if there are any haha <3
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This, right here, is why you're my favorite artist. 😩😂😂

UrsulaDecay's avatar

ha happy to hear i am <3 <3

toohot17's avatar

Hi again. 👋🏽💜

Will you be doing a friend version (saw you mention it in another comment)?

I have OCs that would be so perfect (even have 1 w/ a similar haircut). 😆

madlovepoison's avatar

omg i love this haha

UrsulaDecay's avatar

hehe thank you <3

Witchun-Li's avatar

OMG. I'm so doing this.

UrsulaDecay's avatar

cant wait to see <3 ^ U ^

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Let her find true love!! Crap, all I have are three female OC's dang. I hope she finds someone. ;)

UrsulaDecay's avatar

haha a lot of people were saying that that they wish the could enter girl oc's cause thats all they had

maybe in the future I will do a friend version where anyone can join <3

bbb35's avatar

Well, as long as she ends up happy :)

graydama's avatar

This is wonderful!!! :la: So excited for her!!! >w< :love:

Good thing I read the full description though since I can't draw and was about to suggest 3 OCs I have. Lololol X'D

UrsulaDecay's avatar

awww thank you it has been really fun so far seeing all the entries all the different looking OCs

hahah yes you have to draw them in XD <3

PicUnrelated's avatar

Asking the important questions

UrsulaDecay's avatar

if he says no he has to go haha

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