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What if I'm not a good boy?

oh potty mouth nana
Some  old holiday memories  of Olly  and his  grandma Nana making jack-o-lantern coookiesssss<3
she's  his  most favoritest person in the  world he gets a lot of his personality from her  lol and some  from the goblin wearing  undies  in the  background hahah  thats  olly's mom
 I  saw  a text post  on tumblr and  it  just sounded  like  something  nana  would say…

more of  Oliver's family  here : 
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I just wanna say I've been loving your art for like two years now and I just love this comic so much! I love the detail you put into everything. I just recently noticed the little message in the back... did little Olly write that? XD My mom would've flipped if I drew on the walls with my crayons lol. Anyway, I just love your art soooo much and wanted you to know that! ^~^
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AWWW thank you for following me that long  
^ u ^  <3 you're too sweet 
haha yes Olly wrote that His mom has a habit of passing out and leaving the stove on or cigarettes lit she almost caused a fire a couple of times so he leaves her reminders haha 
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wait why does olly's mom have a string on her arm
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I spy a thot over there and it ain't payed child support..
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she has a drug problem she uses the rubber string to find a vein to inject she just forgot to take it off after shes a mess
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Hes so adorable!
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daww  thank you  ^ U ^   <3!
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gonna find out more about olly! i bet he has a girlfriend tho T_T
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aww  yeah he has a girlfriend named trish  
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awww maaaan....
Well, he's a cutie, of course he'd have one -pouts-
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seen this like5 times and i just realized olivia was in the background
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haha she  blends  in  <3
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Lol! aww Nana may be a potty mouth but I can tell she really loves Olly. More then his mom does, at least. o_o Is she still alive when Olly is older?  
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haha you are so right!! she  may not be the best influence but she loves him to death  ^ U ^   sadly no  :< 
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lol he was a grandmas boy for sure  happy this solidified the love lol
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omg I love the story behind it with the disgusted mom with the money in her panties and the motherly grandma and the curious child all living in a dumb oh such meaning behind it I love it all and the art is amazing!!! you inspire me~!!
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eee thank you and thank you for noticing all the little details <3
youre too sweet <3
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you're welcome!!
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This is absolutely fantastic, I love how much you focus on story with your art. Its about the characters and their lives, I LOVE it! And the comic itself is just beautiful, all the details. You didn't skimp out just because it is a sequined image and I really like that. I've been wanting to do comics but I am just SO scared, i've never done them and I just don't know what to do. I just need to do it! lol (I will) Anyway, I really love this, kid Olly is super adorable and they way you draw his hair <3<3

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awwwww tatyana thank you so much  ^ U ^ !! i always try to give each character a story even if theyre in the background cause those are  the  kind of stories  im drawn to  in movies and shows  ahhh im glad you noticed! 
and hell yeah you should!!! dude  im scared  too i haven made a fullfledged booklet comic before  i wanna do one too but i psych myself out and dont have a lot of time to do art for myself 
and youre so right we need to just do it!!! 
thank you again and i saw  youre  starting to create  comic characters and im so excited to see what they will be like eee  <3 <3 
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Oh goodness, I am excited for both of us! We just gotta do it!
Of course that is always easier said than done but I believe in us.
We'll somehow find the time and manage to work on our comics bit by bit.

Plus I feel like you're one step ahead of the game with all these wonderful little mini comics.
I think I might try and do something similar before I jump over to the big thing, baby steps. lol.
But really, I'd love to see what you would come up with for a full fledged comic!
I'd follow that comic in an instant! <3 
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