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kind of a classic "DTIYS" 
based off of the 1908 painting by Gustav Klimt 
except with Olly and Trish haha


Olly belongs to me  
Trish belongs to BlueKazenate 
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I love this, they are so beautiful together.

UrsulaDecay's avatar

awww thank you ; 0 ;

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Stunning parody of a old, beautiful classic!!

OMG Olly and Trish are my OC OTP!!

UrsulaDecay's avatar

thank you so much !!! i have always loved this painting so why not combine 2 things I love lol OCs and classical art haha <3

bbb35's avatar

Marvelous :D

AK-Is-Harmless's avatar

This is gorgeous!


UrsulaDecay's avatar

thank you so much AK

it's one of my fav paintings by Klimt <3

AK-Is-Harmless's avatar

You're welcome. 😁


jahasd's avatar

This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm always a sucker for a good homage to the well known Gustav Klimt painting, and yours is probably one of the best in my book.

UrsulaDecay's avatar

ahhhhh thank you that means a lot to me!!

i love his work so much <3!!!

BlueKazenate's avatar

-cries 5 ever- You know how much I adore this doifugbdfuigbdfg

UrsulaDecay's avatar

awww dude so happy you liked it ^U ^ you know i 4 ever love drawing them lol

snapdragon76's avatar

I love Ollie and Trish together! She's so good for him. And as always, loving Ollie's hair. I'm a sucker for guys with long hair.

UrsulaDecay's avatar

aww yes she's great for him keeps him on the right track lol

og dude same long hair always * O * <3

BezaiTheNut's avatar

Just.. amazing!

UrsulaDecay's avatar

thank you so much!! <3

FernandoRoma's avatar

Nice and beautiful

UrsulaDecay's avatar

aww thank you ^ U ^ <3!

LuanMonta's avatar

Oh, I just can't find the right words... It looks so beautiful! I simply love it! Klimt is one of my favorite artists, and your version of his amazing work is equally wonderful! I like your style so much!! :D

UrsulaDecay's avatar

ahhh thank you!! me to i just love his art so much * O * thought of doing another one soon good practice when im art blocked

thanks for the kind words <3

LuanMonta's avatar

Always a pleasure! Another one would be amazing, I'd love to see it :D

Bards-Tale's avatar

This is just Awesome!!!!!!! You did an amazing job with the detail and capturing your take on the original. Just love it <3

UrsulaDecay's avatar

aww thank you so much ^ U ^

Kiro-Kurusu's avatar

as an austrian deviantart, i love this!

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