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Olivia Janis Aattila

"Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf"

I was getting some asks on tumblr about Olly's mother and what she looked like so heres an art dump! 
Olivia was around 16 when she had Oliver. She didn't want to but couldn't afford an abortion. Nana ( olly's grandmotherNANA by UrsulaDecay ) was not going  to pay for/ or allow her to get one since Olivia had been acting out recently and behaving irresponsibly. She believed if she didn't bail her out of this situation her daughter would clean up her act, it had the opposite effect.  Olivia hates Olly, He was named by a nurse using the boy version of his mothers name, after Olivia refused to hold or name him on the 3rd day at the hospital. Olivia is a drug addict and an alcoholic.
 Oliver also has problems with alcohol in his teen and adult life   Nananananana Batmaans bertmans beermans by UrsulaDecay . Veruca's theory on why Olly's mother hates him is he must look like his father ( no one knows who that is) piebaldism ( Olly's white patches of skin and hair ) is inherited. She also believes he must be the product of a rape or abusive relationship.  Olivia often involves herself with unsavory men. Criminals, killers, pimps, predators, gangsters abusive and controlling dudes. She works in strip clubs and prostitutes to support her drug habits.

Drawing dump |
top left Olly has to go to the clubs Olivia works in and hides backstage since she doesn't have a babysitter, he accidentally calls her a nickname everyone at the club calls her. She can be verbally and physically abusive.
below Olivia at work lol only time she smiles really shes prettttyyy skilled on the pole tho 
middle left Olivia getting ready for her  "other job". Olly was and still is lol very clingy and want's to constantly hold her hand she purposely  takes her arms out of the sleeves of her jacket so he can't.
Bottom left Family photo of Olivia and her family. A much younger looking Nana and her father Benji who committed suicide in the family home when she was 13. she was a daddies girl, she found him and her life has spiraled down since then. Oliver's middle name is Benjamin.
bottom right Oliver calling for an ambulance age 13. even though she treats him badly Olly still loves his mom. she has a lot of O.D. scares and constantly attempts to kill herslelf. he was more like her parent then she ever was for him 
middle right Olivia miserable at a suprise party Olly and Nana set up for her.  nana and olly are like best friends hahaWhat if I'm not a good boy? by UrsulaDecay
she goes by her middle name Janis
Top right One of Olivia's MANY mugshots. Like mother like son BREAKING THE LAW by UrsulaDecay<3

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what a story! Poor fam =( great artwork though

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aww thank you yeah my OCS are a mess lol <3

I love how you show the characters development in all your comics/illustrations. I can see how Olly drifted away from Veruca. Being a woman who seems to slightly resemble characteristics and behaviors of his mother. Being reckless and probably a substance abuser. And he seems to attach to Trish. A much more grounded and level headed woman. almost as if he’s tired of being his own worst enemy. And sees Trish as not only a very delightful partner. But a road To better things. Like success, recovery, and good mental health.

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omg this is the latest reply so sorry ; 0 ;

thank you so much that means a ton!! thats all I ever want for people to see the development work I put into my stories and drawings thank you <3

and you're right Veruca and Janis have a very similar personality

Trish is like a breath of fresh air for him someone less chaotic

you said it better than i ever could yes <3<3<3

have you ever thought about making these into comics on Webtoons or publishing them on some other site? Just asking because I love your artwork and the stories that you put behind them are so good. :D :heart:

UrsulaDecay's avatar
oh yes all the time  ^ U ^ 
i just have trouble finding the time to make a full on web comic on top of my frelance work but trust thats what I wish I could do!!
my friend austen just got her comic soul on hold put out by webtoons shes living the dream haha one day ones day <3
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Well at least she brought him with her instead of just leaving him behind. 

That's one good deed Olivia did even if she was abusive. But then again I feel like Olly would be better off at home instead of getting treated horribly at Olivia's work. :I  Hopefully someone at the club kept Olly company.
UrsulaDecay's avatar
haha yeah she used to just  leave him at the apartment by himself and he would wreck things trying to take care of himself lol like getting the cereal off the top self trying to pour milk but the jugs too heavy and spilling the whole thing
 her mom got mad and told her to pay for a sitter but she's cheap and just took him with her 

oh he had plenty of company where the girls in the dressing room loved to baby him and carry him around play with him so it was mostly a happy experience  ^ U ^ 
Folosit's avatar
I can only imagine him trying to take a bath, and leave the water running forgetting while playing or watching cartoons. LOL 

He's such a cute kid. <3 It's really good to see such a relateable character(s). Oh well. Nana has tried so hard with Olivia and it's hard not to sympathize for Nana, Olivia, and Oliver.  But sadly it's the crummy life they all live/lived.  I wish Olivia would've thought of getting help, or actually got help. 

Idk how you'd feel about this, but after seeing your post of Olivia getting a legit boyfriend (Before she basically robbed him and left) , do you think a little sketch of Olivia, if she got help would be fun to see? Along with oliver's life as well?   

For the short time of her boyfriend being there, you stated both (or all three) were so happy until Olivia kinda screwed things up... But Legit help, besides the Boyfriend trying to be a good person, How happy do you think she'd actually be?  I think about your characters often, and make little scenarios in my head sometimes. lol They're just that good. xD 
UrsulaDecay's avatar
LMAO thats exactly something he would do
he gets distracted to easy the boy would burn or flood the house down 

aww thanks 
im sure way deep down somewhere she's thought of getting help then brushed it off she has a real problem with self-punishing behavior
someone would basically have to commit her to get the total help she needs 
ooo yes totally I would love to draw a well adjusted  Olivia Janis for sure <3

I think if she got help for all her mental issues she'd be able to thrive I don't think her life would be magically perfect but I think she would live a much more fulfilling life an maybe even have a relationship with her son where they would actually talk not just exist in the same world lol trust me she would be happier
<3 <3 
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I still stand by what I said years ago. I love your art because of how human it is. Your style is gorgeous, but you dont portray fantasy or sci-fi. Its real shit. Shit that could happen, and has happened. I find there's something admirable to that. <3 I've been a huge fan for ages now, and I'm glad I stuck around <3 Keep it up hon!
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; 0 ; youre so sweet  
dude thank you so much that really is my goal to humanize my characters show there flaws and stories  thank you so much  : 0  :<3
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Well, you do a grade AAA fantastic job of it <3 Great Job hon <3 
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Why didn't she just give him up for adoption?
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her mother is kinda overbearing  
when she had olly she was still a teen and her mother wouldn't allow her to get an abortion in a way making her feel like later on when she had the baby they would be able to give him up for adoption but when ollys grandmother  saw him she didnt want to give him up 
she was forced to keep him 
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If I remember correctly, Nana, Janis' mom, wouldn't let her.
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Nana sounds like a horrible mother.
RamenNoodleLord's avatar
Why do you say that?  She's the only one who gave a damn about Olly growing up, even saving him the times Janis (his own mother) tried to kill him.
LadyLambdadelta's avatar
I didn't understand the whole situation, Janis is the horrible person  for wanting to abort.
RamenNoodleLord's avatar
Nothing wrong with abortions, but if that's your view, then alright.  I think it's worse that she tried to drown him as an infant.
LadyLambdadelta's avatar
In my view, abortion's just as bad as killing a born baby.
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Then you need to do research on abortion, it is far from that.
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Love this Art style 😆😆
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