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"What were kulta’s parents like? Were they sweet or were they just as evil and insidious?"

one was sweet one was evil
his mom was a sweet, soft-spoken, yet fun loving woman, always with a smile on her face.  Kulta was her world. She worked in her husband Gravedigger’s carnival (his cover-up job for the gang) she was part of a fun sideshow, she could eat fire and do flaming hoop tricks. When she wasn't performing she worked ticket booths. She used her interesting looks to her advantage for the sideshow, her piebaldism was more extreme than Olly or Kulta large patches of her face and body were pigment-less, she had 1 eye that was completely effected resulting in heterochromia with white lashes and brows on that side, something that was very eye-catching. She was beautiful and was often used for posters and signage for the fairgrounds! Gravedigger was very physically/verbally abusive to her and Kulta and she was scared to leave, having no family nearby and very few friends who weren’t involved in either the carnival or gang, it made it hard for her to leave, every time she tried to run away with Kulta, Gravedigger would threaten, hurt or even kill her friends, forcing them to rat out where she went. Gravedigger never let his wife meet Nana. He felt like she would be a bad influence since Nana was very loud, bossy and strong-willed, stuck up for herself. He controlled everything: her money, who she talked to, where she was allowed to go. He would make some of the MCs members follow her if he “felt like she was up to something”. Their relationship was chaotic and Kulta was a witness and victim to all of it. He ended up a lot like his father his mother went missing when he was little and he was left with a lot of questionable people most of the time, shaping his current personality.
he wasn’t always evil

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I've been watching you since day one, reading your comics and character's stories. The way you have a story for each of them, making them fascinating but also giving them flaws to keep them human is beyond amazing to me. You truly inspired me into developing my own oc's backstories and polishing their personalities. If you ever consider making a full comic showcasing your oc's stories I would gladly read every bit of it. 
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AHHHHHH this comment made my day thank you so much  ^ U ^  
it's really hard creating stories and even harder putting them out there for people to judge so to hear you enjoy them that much means the world to me  <3!! 
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OMG so great we get to see her! :love:

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Yes  ^ U^  took me forever to finally draw it <3
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thank you ak!!!
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You're welcome! :)

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She’s so pretty! I love her eyes 
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thank you  ^ U ^   <3!!
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Such a beauty <3 
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 ^ 3  - thank you !!  <3!!
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Love her vitilgo, heteorchromia and piebald
UrsulaDecay's avatar
thank you so much ^ U ^ !!
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Your work is admirable not just for your beautiful technique, but also for the detailed and realistic stories behind each character! This is really, really amazing! And there's always a message in each story, something to make us think about your character's lifes and behaviours (and maybe our own, or the lifes of people we might know)...

By the way, she is absolutely stunning! :) Love your work!
UrsulaDecay's avatar
; 0 ; thank you so so much 
this was so sweet :'0 it really means so much to me that you get what I'm trying to do with my characters
and how peoples behaviors are often influenced by past events in their lives thank youuuuu ; 0 ; <3
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Hey, it's always a pleasure :D I love your work! And thank you for the kind answer, I'm really flattered to know my comment means so much to you! I can definitely empathize with yours characters. I can see them as real and credible people, and not just superficial characters. And this is so great! Knowing her past makes me see the character in a different way. It's not just an unkown person there, it's someone whose story I know, someone I can care about, and this is really powerful! :)
Keep up the amazing work! ;)
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Forreal, do you have a family tree drawn up yet? It's totally warranted at this point LOL
She is GORGEOUS! The white/black hair and those red accents is just ugh Heart Heart  
UrsulaDecay's avatar
HAHA I know  I have 764875 generations in this family now 
I actually made the tree…
awww thank you so much !!  ^ U ^ 
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Thank you so much for your stories. It's so important to remind about horrors the victims of abuse go through, 'cause a lot of people still don't get "why didn't they just leave". 
Lyydia is adorable, and I love her design~ I probably missed it, but is she still alive? If yes, will she and Olly ever meet?
UrsulaDecay's avatar
Thank you! yes a lot of people don't get theres often a fear for their life if they leave or fear for their loved ones for helping them/getting involved
aww thank you  ^ w  ^   happy you like her it's unknown if she is, but if she is Olly would be so happy to have more family especially another grandmother !!
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Ugh I am so in love with your art. TAT How many years have we known one another and I'm STILL just head over heels in love with the way you draw. It is perfection.
UrsulaDecay's avatar
like 3 million years ? haha <3 
awww thank you so much  ;0 ; too sweet 
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One day, you realize when I get the money to commission you, I'll have to have you draw me some stuff that I can get tattooed on myself, right? Haha <3 

3 trillion it feels like. 
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She's so pretty!! I wonder how she would treat Olly? Maybe want to give him cuddles and shower him in affection!
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