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:iconnemesisxneron: requested a color drawing of Darien so here it is! 
drew up what one of the album covers from his band would look like
song list lol :

1. Things will get better I promise ( fingers crossed ) 
2. He's a wall flower 
3. Cause i'm always the last one picked
4. Shoulder to cry on, common senses to lie on
5. Maybe this time it's different, maybe love is not for me 
6. She's got a heavy heart heart heart! 
7. Kid, No good deed goes unpunished
8. 180 by summer…
9. Take it, it's yours (  The reverse indian giver)
10. But we could be happy
13. [ hidden track ] Veruca Veruca
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ruca and darien? Why no Darien and Glam?
UrsulaDecay's avatar
lol the heart wants what it wants, Darien and glam I agree would be a better match but he likes Ruca sadly for him haha
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i love this so much <33333
sounds like a swell album. 
UrsulaDecay's avatar
Hahaha thank you  ^ u ^  <3 
malazkaboom's avatar
no probs, love your art Sassy af Jun Emoticon (Seventeen) 
mimimimei's avatar
I really want to see him with Ruca, he's cute as fuck... I'm in love! lol
UrsulaDecay's avatar
ahhhh thank you  lol happy you  think he's cute <3
HornyGlitch's avatar
NAaaaw he has such sweet and innocent eyes! He's such a cute dork XD
UrsulaDecay's avatar
haha yeah he has those sad puppy dog eyes XD <3 thank you 
lacuna-love's avatar
I'm in love with this aaaaa
UrsulaDecay's avatar
eee thank you so much  ^ u ^  <3!!
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I ship it hardcore <3
UrsulaDecay's avatar
haha  thank you  <3
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Ruca just needs a sweet emo pizza boy Grr. 
UrsulaDecay's avatar
some free hot pizza to melt her icy heart <3 lmao 
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Omg I need to hear track 13
UrsulaDecay's avatar
Polarit3sla's avatar
' I bring you pizza every day
but gurl you don't even look my way,

My heart is empty like your box of takeaway

UrsulaDecay's avatar
HAHAHAHAH the most perfect lyrics A+ XD  im dead  <3
Polarit3sla's avatar
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He's adorable! I love it :) And those song names are perfect haha
UrsulaDecay's avatar
lol thank you so much  ^ U ^   <3!!
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