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CLOSED : Celine

now belongs to Veuria 
made a new adopt!! her name is Celine  ( you can change it if you buy her ) she's 23 work's in an alternative clothes and record shop, has a love for all thing 80's and goth, collecting books and records, she loves Robert Smith and is in a deathrock band called HILT  all ( all that can be changed  just thought it would be fun to show what I was thinking when I made her hehe )   listened to a lot of old 80's goth rock and synth making this



Payment due within 24 hours of auction 
Bid by replying lastest bid in thread with $1 or more then previous bid 
Goodluck I really love her 
winner will own character
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How can u draw so well??? I cant believe how a human can draw this well?!
Unless...ur not human.....
Sorry always get carried away
Anyway bottom line is OMG I LOVE UR ART U R SO TALENTED!!!!!
UrsulaDecay's avatar
HAHA thank you so much!! funny you should say that my friends nickname me terminator hahaha <3 thank you 
IAMAI2905's avatar
I really lovehow you always give a backstory to all your adoptable it's so awesome  :D
and your art style is so cool and beautiful , I really really love it  inspire me everytime I see it  ^^

take care of yourself you are an amazing artist :)
UrsulaDecay's avatar
aww thank you  ^ U ^ 
makes me so happy to hear  my art gets  you inspired!!  <3<3<3 youre too nice!!! <3
Celinevdm's avatar
okey that's my name 
i'm fangirlin at the moment O_O <3
UrsulaDecay's avatar
haha it's a pretty name you have! thank you <3
malazkaboom's avatar
the shoes are killllERRS
UrsulaDecay's avatar
ahaha thank you !!! <3
goodgirlisgone's avatar
Wow, she looks really pretty and badass. (The perfect mix XD)
And then Ariana Grand sings that she is a dangerous woman X "DD No, Little Girl ! Celine is the badass one.

 I do not know why, but she totally reminds me of the band "In this moment", although they have nothing in common. 

I've probably commented it a thousand times, but I love your drawings!!!! Keep it on !
UrsulaDecay's avatar
hehe thank you  ^ U ^  yes i wanted her to look like she wouldnt hesitate to punch you if you talk shit about trad goth lol <3 
 thank you so muchhhhhh <3 <3 
Denanisu's avatar
I found your art on Pinterest and now I'm a watcher I just love how you develop your characters and their looks its just incrediblef2u purple eye f2u purple eye  
UrsulaDecay's avatar
ahhh so happy you found me !!! <3!!
thank you so much <3!
Denanisu's avatar
You're super duper welcome :D Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar 
povina's avatar
DUUUUDE THIS IS STUNNING your designs seriously always blow me away!! the detail in her top is jaw-dropping * __ * trad goth is such a look
UrsulaDecay's avatar
awwww my dude thank you  ^ 0 ^    ahhh youre too nice to meeeeeeeeee  <3!!
bbb35's avatar
Gorgeous work :D

Oh wow, so glad you got so much for this :D
UrsulaDecay's avatar
thank you so much ^   0 ^   <3!!!!
bbb35's avatar
Welcome :D


(Vanessa leaves her three adopted toddlers with Olly to watch over, as she goes out for a date.)

"Now I'm only gonna be gone for a few hours." Vanessa told him. "And these three darlings mean the world to me!"
Vanessa hugs each of the kids good-bye.
"If I come back, and find just ONE hair out of place on their heads..." Vanessa says, before poofing magic earmuffs over the kids ears as she pulls out a steel spoon.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
She looks awesome. :)

UrsulaDecay's avatar
eeee thank you  ^  0  ^  <3
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
You're welcome. :)

Ylfing's avatar
reminds me of "its black friday" from youtube
UrsulaDecay's avatar
yes I reffd one of her makeup looks <3
Hewbertshun's avatar
I knew goth was coming back!!!!
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