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[CLOSED] Adoptable Collab Auction : Delia and Yari

By UrsulaDecay
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Delia now belongs to   ObsceneBarbie and Yari now belong to :iconglitter-gore:
Like I said in the polls ursuladecay.deviantart.com/jou…
me and Munrou  have been working on some adoptable pairs ( best friends and couples )  with different style themes this ones one of our favorite styles Pastel goth, more styles coming soon!
the first pair Delia created by me and Yari created by Munrou <3 

This Auction is for both characters so you get 2!! you can keep both or give one to a friend
you can make  up their back stories and personalities!! they look like fun girls  so i cant wait to see what you do with them
lol idk if you could tell but im a little excited about Halloween hahaha 

The bidding starts at $15
the minimum increase bid is $1  (but you can bid any amount you want above that)
you bid here in this thread | comments.deviantart.com/1/5553…
you bid by replying to the comment before yours with your price 

bidding starts tonight and ends sunday at 4pm  east coast US

 (  cause i know the S word starts :< so no midnight stuff )
Ill put a count down clock so its easier for people in other time zones 
COUNT DOWN : countingdownto.com/countdown/a…

if you win you own the characters and can do with them what you wish 
change their hair cut add tattoos change their name whatever you want  ^ 0 ^!
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-gesp- Yari is mah name , *A* oml-
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ahhh thats a pretty name!! <3 
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Delia winks? And yard rolls her eyes?? Wow I had no idea this was a gif ^^
Anyways this looks amazing!
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lol happy you noticed me an munbbi wanted to try some simple animation  ^ U ^   <3 thank you  
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Oh my gosh, this is so cute~ This will probably end up with me envying you because I can't draw for crap >:( Oh well! This is perfecto!
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thank you so much  ^ U ^  
practice practice practice 
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thank you  ^  u  ^ 
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All of your drawings are so pretty!
UrsulaDecay's avatar
aww thank you  ^ U ^  <3!!
iMiraDraws's avatar
You're welcome!! Heart Heart Heart 
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 This reminds me of Catty and Bratty from Undertale! Catty Icon Bratty Icon 
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haha i havent played  that  but i see what you mean  ^ U ^ <3
UrsulaDecay's avatar
ohhhhhhh i see now lol
YouAreCool10's avatar
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me: oh my gah it moves
UrsulaDecay's avatar
hahahaa too cute  XD 
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Totally amazing love your art~~!!
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thank you so much  ^ U ^  <3!!
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