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custom Adopt made for :icon100lesbianasses:
they  told me the colors they like  the style theyre into that they like peircings and tattoos  and let me make up the rest ^  o ^ 
had a ton of fun really happy with how she came out!!
custom adopts are $80

Ash is a peicer  hairdye addict and gamer <3
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Ur art style
Hand it over
[I'm kidding I promice]
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HAHAH glad you like it!
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I loooove so much your art and characters
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ahhh that makes me so happy thank you  <3
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She is such a Sweetheart ! I would definitely hug her and never let her go, but then I could not hug Veruca anymore ...wait.... I just hug both ! F2U Peachy Rose 
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haha theres enough room to hug both ladies!!
thank you so much it was hard giving this adopt up lol  <3
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Ahhh, you're taking custom adopts? ;0;
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not at this moment  but yes I do customs  <3
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Still waiting for you to do a commission for me! 😢
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aww so sorry freelance has gotten a lot more busy but im trying to open more slots <3
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Ashley give me You outfit!!!! JK She's cute😁😊 
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hahaha thank you so much!! <3<3
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Of course and don't tell Ashley imma steal her cloths😁 
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Her pants are actually giving me some fashion inspo! She's lovely.
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thank you so much I made them up <3<3<3
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thank you !!! ^ U ^ 
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welcome my dear <33
Ah! she's crazy cute <3
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dawwww thank you <3<3<3
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Tirsha: You still obsessed with sex?
Taz: Trisha, unless its with Vanessa, I have very little to say about sex. Except 'Yes, When and Where.'
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Gooosshhh, I`m so in love with your art style and designsSteven experiences a seizure.  Her outfit (including her goddamn awesome tattos and really really cute hairstyle) is hella amazing. i love how you can turn even pink in such a badass colorPink Planet Emoticon  Plus her lil`stars and the bandage are so dopePearl Emote 11 
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