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Yet Another Chrysalis Vector

By UrpleB3atin
Ponyhoof Didn't release a Chrysalis Theme, this is me trying to help them with one! WOOOOHHTT!!
Also, yes, this is sort of a custom pose made out of a few screenshots. I just vectored both and put 'em together.
Looks natural, right?
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© 2012 - 2021 UrpleB3atin
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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon]
GEZawaTT's avatar
Used here Welcome to Manehattan! by GEZawaTT    :D
Vilcronos's avatar
Wow impressive beautiful Queen Chysalis is muy Good I like :squee:
AndrewDent's avatar
I always love that expression X3
ArialIce's avatar
Can I use it?
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Sure thing! Just link cred. And I want to see it when it's done! :D
Bluepaw90's avatar
May i use this to make an ipod/iphone wallpaper?
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Yeah of course man. Just link cred back to me fore the vector ^^
Bluepaw90's avatar
AnneHairball's avatar
Chrysalis is best villain from the musical number alone.
keniakittykat's avatar
Hello, I was wondering if I could use this for a google chrome theme I'm making ^^
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Of course ^^ also if there would be any way to link credit for the image to me, then go ahead :D
(Also show me when you're finished!!)
VampTeen83's avatar
I think this one actually made it to the Ponyhoof theme! :D
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Oh they did? O: I gotta go check it out!
VampTeen83's avatar
Eeyup!! Oh, and I used it on a Deviation.. I hope its okay :3 I linked your DA, tho :D
IceLucario64's avatar
I wish I could do vector pics... =(
It looks so cool to do...
UrpleB3atin's avatar
:) Well you can! With this free program call Inkscape. I suggest you download it, it's the best free vectoring program out there right now.
IceLucario64's avatar
how do you do a pony vector? :/
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Take a screenshot from the show and trace it. That what most do, but when you get really good, you can sketch out your own bases and vector them! Try experimenting with Inkscape
IceLucario64's avatar
Its not that easy... I tried to do it but its hard for me to know...
UrpleB3atin's avatar
Practice makes perfect, I even make messups here and there
IceLucario64's avatar
I just do tracing on whatever pic I want to use on paint its easier for me... ^^;
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