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Sam - 3D Render

By UrnamBOT
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For class! I thought I'd upload this real quick. I'm starting to learn how to use a 3D program called Modo. It's pretty low-poly for now, so there's obvious edges in the design.

Hm, somewhere down the road I think I'd like to dabble into creating 3D scenes from concept art. Likely nothing too huge, just a character and a few props/environment elements. Even that may take upwards 100 hours!

You know, it just dawned on me that I forgot to add some scratches/rough spots onto the UV! That would have been nice, but the renders are done. >.<;; Ah well!

What do you 3D artists think of how this turned out? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Loosely based off of this guy: :thumb534356238: dreamco.deviantart.com/art/Sam…
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Hello Urnam-Bot,

I gotta say, this is a really good low-poly model of this robot character! Are those Tringles or N-gons on his face? If N-gons, watch out for those. He is perfect for adding in a rig and animating for a video game.

Overall, its a great design! Do plan on being a 3D Character modeler? 
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Thank you! I don't think there are n-gons, unless you count some 4-sided polys to be n-gons? Would it have been better for to me to divide those? :)

Thanks again---I don't plan on being strictly a 3D character modeler, because my emphasis is likely going to be focused on digital illustration and imaging, but I highly enjoy this and do plan on taking more 3D courses!
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N-gons are polys with more than 4 vertices. They tend to break baking programs and produce weird results in animations and such, so its best to convert them into tris and quads.
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Ah, well, there are no n-gons in the model then. :D Only quads and tris! Thanks!
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I really like the colors and shapes used in this project. It makes me want to pick up modeling software, but I might put that off for a bit until I at least have 2D and IRL art mastered.
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Thank you! It's a rather "different" skill, so if you picked it up I think you would succeed even without 2D art expertise. :D
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sklJNKASC It's so amazing! ;o;
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so cute!! I really like him:nod:
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your welcome.
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Reminds me of games around 2000, when lara croft still had triangle boobies. Nostalgica.
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can you teach me how to do this
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Nice! My bro is working with 3D modeling at his school too!
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Thank you!

I'm not specifically into 3D modeling but I am taking classes for it! It's a sweet skill to have.
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It sure is, it looks both challenging and interesting. I hope you enjoy the course and learn lots! :)
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