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Defenders Phone Wallpapers by UrLogicFails Defenders Phone Wallpapers by UrLogicFails
So I have received numerous requests to do wallpapers for the Defenders in the past, but I have always been hesitant because none of their costumes lend themselves well to wallpapers. However last week I watched the Defenders series and while I felt like the Hand was a bit of a letdown, the show was still pretty fun, so here we are.

I still am not a fan of their costumes so I decided to get a little creative with it.

Daredevil's is inspired by how his vision has been depicted in comics recently.

For Jessica, I felt like maybe she would just take a picture of her door. Something about her being a reckless alcoholic with superstrength made me feel like her phone would be broken.

Luke is a pretty straightforward guy, and not the sort to have a custom phone wallpaper (in reality it would probably be a picture of Reva or something). I like to imagine, though, that someone graffiti'd a mural in Pop's honor, and maybe that could be the picture Luke uses as his wallpaper.

Danny Rand, aside from being a punk who doesn't know martial arts in the TV show, is also the sworn protector of K'un L'un (as if we didn't hear that enough). He is also the owner of Rand Industries, so in my mind I could see him having a very high tech Rand Industries phone, where he still likes to obsess over being the sworn protector of K'un L'un.

As always, these can be downloaded on my website here.
CasimusPrime Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Any chance of you making wallpapers of The Tick and Arthur from the new Amazon Prime series?
UrLogicFails Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
Hi CasimusPrime,

Unfortunately I have not seen that show (I don't have Amazon Prime), so right now chances are pretty low to be honest.

I'd tell you I'm open to commissions, but to be honest I just don't know if I'd have the time. 

For now, let's just leave it at "maybe someday." After all, I didn't think I was going to do a Defenders set for a very long time either...
CasimusPrime Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
Ok then
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