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[Closed, Thank You!]
This lovely lady was my first ever Boucle! She caught my eye in a sale a while back, and I just had to have her. 
Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration my inability to draw galaxy patterns... That means I won't be able to give her the love she deserves. 
So I thought, why hold on when somebody else could actually use her? 
This is her import pic:
Boucle Unicorn Import A065
(She's a Smoky Noir Nebuleuse)

I'd love to trade/sell her for any of the following:
Slots (2-3 would be fantastic)An import/foal of equal value Point offers
For slots and horse trades, don't hesitate to throw some at me! I don't have much preference for designs, so I'm open to pretty much everything non-galaxy 
I really just want to see her go to a good home :D (Big Grin)
Tagging EspressoShots, just in case you wanted her back
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[Comm] Enya Reference by urkidnme [Comm] Enya Reference :iconurkidnme:urkidnme 3 0
[HotS] Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Lava
    Safe. It was the first word that crossed her mind. Ross shuffled her feet, slightly amused by the puffs of fog she kicked up. Melrose plodded alongside her, quiet. Ross didn't blame her; her mom could be pretty intimidating. But still, they were together, and most importantly, they were safe.
    Not much later, a wheezing noise could be heard near the front of the herd. Ross craned her neck to see, but the fog was too thick- thicker, perhaps, than it had been earlier. Soon shouts were heading down the line, but they were too muffled for the fillies to hear them. Soon enough, the cause for alarm made itself apparent- the fog was most definitely thickening, and it was becoming a sickly shade of grey. The sand beneath Ross's hooves grew hot, as did the air. Seconds later, the smog was too thick to see anything but shadows.
    The herd began to condense, packing as many as five horses into each row. Ross shouldered her way to the front with Mel in tow. H
:iconurkidnme:urkidnme 0 0
[HotS] Knives and Other Misplaced Things
    "I need my knife," Mel mutters.
    "What?" Ross looks at her, confused. That's not the answer she expected...
    "I said, I need my knife! I'll go with you, but first we have to get my dagger back! It was super hard to get it." She stands and draws the pelt over her thin frame with an irritated huff. She then prances out of the cave, but stops to glare at Ross. "What? Come on, before someone else gets it!"
    Dazed by the sudden urgency of her companion, Ross stands and follows. They begin walking, and she finally processes what just happened. Ross stops."We can't do this, Mel. It's risky, and honestly stupid. It's a knife! A knife! You'll get another one."
    Mel stops cold. She turns with a snarl. "It is not just a knife! That dagger is the only thing I have! The only thing I have to remember him by." Her voice quakes, and Ross sees her figure sink slowly to the ground. Again? She should've left tha
:iconurkidnme:urkidnme 0 0
[HotS] Lost and Found
    She walked slowly, quietly. The fog was thick, pooling at her feet and entering her lungs with the sensation of water. Combined with the heat, it was almost suffocating. Ross kept her eyes low, squinting against the hot stickiness of the air. Her hooves felt weighted down with the many layers of wet sand sticking to them. It was miserable, but not so bad. The worst part was the silence.
    She was alone.
    It had been at least an hour since she last saw her clan. They had picked up a gallop, and hadn't noticed when Ross had stumbled and fallen behind. Now she walked on in hopes of finding them, travelling slowly but steadily to avoid tripping once more. In a place like this, you couldn't afford to mess up twice.
    As she walked, Ross became aware of a soft noise. It sounded like movement, a shuffling that set her nerves on edge. She stopped, swiveling her ears around until she pinpointed the sound. She turns her head to find a horribly i
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I'm urkidnme, though you can shorten that to urki if you'd like. I'm a self-taught teen artist who loves dogs, drawing, writing, horses, turtles, and tomatoes. I'm an active member in the following groups:


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