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black sexy

Hello friends and other deviants Hi! !

VS " black sexy " - by me, inspired :iconjk89: Imago by JK89

In the archive:
ExplorerFrame PNG&BMP
ExplorerFrame 32x
ExplorerFrame 64x
Start Orb

For correct display and font smoothing, use the GDI++ ( gdipp )

There may be conflicts in the programs that use their styles ( GUI ).

Enjoy  Nod 
Comments are welcome  :D (Big Grin)

Police Warning!!!

I do not allow to modify their visual styles without first asking my permission. and only if the modification of at least undergo 70%.
© 2015 - 2021 Uriy1966
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Ну ты зверюга )) 
Reallll sexy! Just a couple of questions, will this work on win8.1? If yes then how? 
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Thank you so much!
On windows 8 will not work,
if only someone would make port. I deleted the windows 8 a year ago.
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orgasm incoming
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Well done! I really like the details of this one. Check out my wallpapers and I bet you'll find one to match this beauty!
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ПРЫЛЕСНО ,ПРЫЛЕСНО :D (Big Grin) Love Nod :happybounce: +fav 
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La la la la  Спасибо!  High-five! 
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Класс!! :) Очень приятная тема! 
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Спасибо! ;)
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beautiful theme, thanksClap 
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wow great work, thank you!!
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With all the theme being consistently grey/white/black those bits of red stand out like something that doesn't belong there - like purple splotches in a completely snow covered scenery.

The theme does look thought-through, largely consistent and elegant, but it's too depressing for my taste (and by "my taste" I mean it's a subjective opinion you shouldn't pay much attention to, because there'll likely be lots of people who like it).
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If you look at my gallery, you will see a different concept and the color tone of my visual styles. Sometimes it affects the mood, sometimes I see someone's concept, which is very difficult to translate into a visual style that I want to implement.

Thanks! ;)
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I see. Yes, the bluish ones for example look better. Though I noticed a pattern - when you use darker and cold colours you keep the colour number low - like black, blue, white, etc. BUT when you make one with warmer colours, you go all out, you make the themes like messy, colourful splotches. An exception is the warm, woodlike theme. Is it so hard to make a minimalistic warm-coloured theme or are they simply not your thing?

It may be you already know of this pattern of yours, but I have a feeling you do it subconsciously and becoming aware of it might help you overcome it and grow.
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There are artists who draw people, animals or anything, so similar to himself, or what that particular type of similarity, that is, it can be completely different things, but something in common, and because - because of this can be found easily (define) precisely for this artist. Whatever visual style I did not, it is already possible to determine at a glance that it's my job ... perhaps it is difficult to change, because I lived for almost half a century))

I hope you understand my gibberish :)
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So if I understand correctly: you want to say that every artist creates something that reflects his personality or interests, right?
If yes, I see. I mean, if you enjoy doing what you're doing and you like the darker, colder themes, then it's fine if you like it or like to do it. I won't stop you from doing it and won'tr even try:)

I think however that the fear of trying something new and experimenting is common for many people. I had that too. I wrote out excuses I used to not experiment on scraps of paper and put it in a plastic bag. I now have half a plastic grocery bag of them. Age may be just a convenient excuse you use to justify avoiding experimenting. I told myself many things: that it's too late to do it (after I postponed doing it for the whole day) or that I'll do it tomorrow (never did), or that I'll ruin my pic with this experiment, or... or...

Try it. If you write out all excuses that come to your mind the minute they come to your mind it leaves you feeling uncomfortable with not doing anything and having no logical reason to do it. You can also use it to motivate yourself to design or exercise or whatever you want to do, but avoid.
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You are not a little wrong to interpret what I wrote (sorry for my poor knowledge of English, well, or Polish) My themes is not an experimental? It seems to me that in the past few years, here deviantarte, I'm doing the most unusual visual styles. ;)  And everything else, it's a matter of taste. Show me that you wanted to see, give me a picture of the concept, or draw themselves. If I am interested in your layout, then I will try to implement it in life. :)
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No problem, I understand you can't speak English or Polish well.
I was just referring to what you said about your age and not being able to change.
Your gallery shows that you DID try to experiment. Trying something new is probably what keep you motivated.

I don't have a concept ready. I'm not that skilled at webdesign or interface design. Forcing myself to come up with one would be a waste of time - both of mine and yours, because it - obviously - wouldn't be as good as the design by someone who has experience in it.

And I agree, a lot depends on personal taste. I haven't seen the viewing stats for your darker themes. Maybe people like them more than the colourful one and that's why you stick with the darker and colder themes? I don't know. But you probably do.

Just keep doing what you like doing and feel comfortable with. If my feedback doesn't work for you, you can safely ignore it. After all, you're the one with the experience in design, so you probably know what a good and what a bad idea is.
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