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SSC15 - CroSS

Hello friends and other deviants

This is my entry for the SSC15

Operating system, Windows 7, 32x
vs CroSS by me inspired concept in :iconswayso: :Concept: cross

Player CroSS by me

Comments are welcome
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Поздравляшки! :D Считаю второе место твое должно быть. Да и первое чет немного предвзятое)
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Uufffsss... this is huge!!
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Congratulations mate.  Excellent desktop!
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Thanks mate! High-five!
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Да,классно!Мне тоже нравится, вот тот самый минимализм....
Буду ждать темку, я так понимаю работаешь над доп цветами, а может и ошибаюсь ?
В общем, клёво!
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прочёл. ну ладно тогда, по поводу темы..., в принципе у меня их уже завались ))
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Это ж надо было проморгать такое... Впечатлил! Здоровски смотрится, стильно ;0))
Держу за тебя пальцы ;) (Wink) 
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Спасибо! бум надеется, хотя большой уверенности нет ;)
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Sweet work here Uriy. why minimalist desktops must be black and blue like in movies?
  • You did a great work porting the concept. I'm always trying to do something like this and know how difficult is turn all things to life (many times had put the work on the trash).
  • You're using a wallpaper and backgrounds on same tone, and doing it great. You always know where you working. good point. 
  • CAD is looking very interesting too. another good point.
  • MiniPlayer on taskbar is a little bit out. if it was working on same pink...
  • Launcher. is a good design. but not functional i think, and not on this shot. Maybe if you have some spot launcher to it.  ( I know i would take this points of SwaySo, but you were able to use or not all parts) 

Again, very nice work. I want to see more on this level on your future works

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Очень здоровски получилось! Классно смотрится )
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Спасибо! ;)
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Как всегда твои проекты,необычные!!!
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На сколько сильно? ;)
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Да не знай :D,просто удивил!
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=P (Razz)  :happybounce:  Singing  I am a dummy!  Nod 
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pretty damn good man!!....

i hope you're winner

don't forget to release it okey??
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hehehe.... thank you :)
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Out of the box :) Желаю успехa, Юрий.
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Спасибо! ;)
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