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Gaia 2013

By Uriy1966
Hello deviants :wave:

I decided to revive Gaia :D

in the archive:

vs 4 variants, with different taskbar.

ExplorerFrame.dll x86 & x64
for black taskbar and white taskbar

Start orb for small and big taskbar

Each visual style I have included wallpapers, made ​​by me. texture found in Google
© 2012 - 2021 Uriy1966
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I do not see your screenshot.
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how can i attach the file? my top bar in the window still looks transparent when I apply the Gaia 2013 theme. help me please!…
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My visual style to it is irrelevant, that you broke a DVM
make on this screenshot, put the "default value" press - to apply and OK… then remove your unwanted items and my other themes have to earn.
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tks. it works!
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И где это меня раньше носило, спрашивается... )))
Потрясающая тема. А сколько тут фишек! Одна распускающаяся лилия (?) чего стоит! В общем, я в восторге =)
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Хотел удивить прежде всего себя...что и удалось ( на то время )))))))))))))
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beautiful theme, i love it !!
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 Nice work Featured at My WebSite.
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Very Nice, Thanks.
Can someone help me? Every time I try to use this theme, its just shows up like Windows Classic. Please someone help, I really want this theme.
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You have windows 7? you have patched the system filesmaybe you should read this…
I have tried patching it and it still doesn't work. I have also and using UxStyle. Neither or them work for me. Anything else I can try?
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Oh, yes, you have a problem it is because of this! Remove it completely from your computer and apply the this patch…
Wait, remove what O.o ?

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remove UxStyle, he problem.
From control panel?

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