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MLPonline Sprite Sheets

A compiled collection of my sprite work for MLPonline if you follow our site we were taken down by copyright laws and the project is now dead so i feel its ok to release my work for public use.

There are no restrictions on how these are used as long as I'm credited and they are used for NON-PROFIT and linked back here#

+++---===here's link to file===---+++
Google Drive…

+++---===here's link to file===---+++

Added a link to google drive.
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Hey, Urimas, may I use this to make pony sprites for some videos I'm working on, please? :D

I'll credit you and leave a link to this in the description.
The videos are non-profit and are being used for entertainment purposes. :)
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OH wait! I didn't even know that this game was taken down!

A bunch of new characters came in season 8 and season 9.

Im sorry if I had lost my temper about the site had taken down.
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I am working on a game but am missing sprites. If I use these I will credit you, but I have a question. May I modify these for my game?
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as long as you credit me and not make a profit with them, then sure.
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These are good, and if I ever use them, I will give credit. I'm not sure what kind of game MLP Online was, but surprised to not see any CMC, heh.
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Hi,  Urimas. 
I really love the work you've done with the sprite sheet,  and I wanted to make a game with it. I was wondering how do you prefer being credited. By link or By name or Both,  and what name, and or what link? 
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Yes you can use these, just Credit me as Urimas Ebonheart and a link back to this page.
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Could I use these for my first game in SFML? Probably gonna credit you in the game's credits section :)
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"Probably" doesn't sound reassuring, you can as long as I am credited, if not then no.
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hey do these work with rpg maker vx ace? If so, sad to say they are too big to fit into the right size they should be :(
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Currently working on a game( slow progress) this sprite sheet might help me and the team
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always loved your work Spaceman
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Yay! the silence of space helps me think and perform better as I work from my lab on the moon.
while im personally really bummed about your project falling down cause of copy writes, im very glad and thankful that your sharing your work here for the rest of us to use.   I have seen alot of your work before but looking at al the work in the full sheets honestly startled me.   Do you plan to continue making Sprite art for MLP?
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Not these sheets no.
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i just made an "adventure game studio" game|script that uses this sprite sheet to "bake" a custom pony, animated , using all frames with multiple layers for different parts. it has swappable mane/tail/eye and their colors set by Hue|Saturation|Radiosity.
ags is not the fastest with sprite baking and resizing, but it can bake 10 pony sprites per second in 64x64py 32-bit-color.

i might add a .bmp exporter too, to make it useful for something more quickly.
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Where might one find this gamescript and could one use it?  That may be exactly what I'm looking for to make actually decent sprites for my game.
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I say do good work. This sprites still can be useful for RPG maker. So when ever feel like it. Can you make more? I really like your style. :)
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Is it okay if I edited some of these for certain purposes, like new fighting poses and some humor-based stuff?
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sure. As long as I'm credited for the base sprites.
So despite this being old as hell, I still want to say thank you for this, this is a really nice pack, and I will definitely put it to use in a game I've started working on ^^
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