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I made a contest entry for Drop by Drop competition held by UNRIC and ENEP. The basics of the competition were to create an advertisement that supposed to carry a message of the importance of saving clean water for future generations.  The competition is now closed, and is currently in the public voting stage. While the "real" winner is not chosen by the public, but by a jury of professionals, the initial publicity of an entry can't be understated.

So far my entry has not exactly received any attention at all, so I'm asking a simple favor from you:
:bulletred: Press the like-button on this page (that's my contest entry).
That's all I'm asking. Of course I'm not stopping you from tweeting it or sharing it by other means. :)

The image is quite small in the entry-page, so if you want a proper look at my entry, here is it. That's the second tree I've ever painted digitally by the way — how did I do?
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Looking for a dribbble invite

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 9:57 AM
The tittle says it all. If you are a tribbble member and have some spare invites, I'd gladly accept one. Quality has never been in that much focus in Deviantart, so I've been looking for a place where quality is not an option but a must, and dribbble is certainly one of the best places to match my expectation. Not sure what  I could do in return, but I can sure feature the person giving me an invite.
[Edit]: Thanks to  *deadlinesdesign I'm now a player in dribbble. Now I'm just going to start uploading shots there, so keep an eye on my profile. ;)

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DeviantArt sure has changed

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 6, 2010, 4:51 AM
First of all, I wouldn't want this to sound like a rant, but it'll probably sound like that anyway, so forgive me for that. The subject is limited to the customization category, which I'm most familiar with. (By having lot of works submitted in that category)

Lately there has been a loads submissions, that I consider as a low quality works, posted in the customization category, the wallpaper section especially. Now, I don't mind that at all, there are always people who aren't 'artistically orientated'. What bothers me is that these works often use 'stock' images (that aren't really stock images at all, rather e.g. popular images from deviantart, slightly edited) which are not given any credit, they're featured in every possible group, despite the relevance, just to gain more popularity, and those works actually become the most popular works for a while. Those motivation posters that reach the frontpage daily just make me sad.

Recently I saw this guy, ~artsnack who has a lot of submissions, which have gained a lot of popularity that are just uncredited works of other people modified a bit with a generic Photoshop effect, for example this. (Link to the original photograph). There are now more people like this than ever. Fast & easy guide to popularity; find a popular anime series, take a screenshot of it, post it here (preferably with motivational borders) = get to the frontpage. I spent a lot of time making and polishing the last two of my submissions, yet those ended up ridiculously unpopular compared to what kinds of work normally reaches the same amount of audience. I'm not saying "my work should gain popularity", but rather "There's something wrong with the sense of quality over here."

It seems like DeviantArt has become sort of social media site, while the focus in art has shifted away with every, unnecessary (in my opinion), addition. The group system sounded like nice feature at first, but the initial purpose of gathering similar works & artist together was quickly lost. I don't know about you, but I still don't have a goddamn clue what's the purpose of those lamas at the corner of profile pages. Stuff like this just doesn't make sense.

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My devitation 'Lusitania Eclipse' (which also got Daily Devitation) got deleted without I being able to do anything about it (obviously, since that's how the new system works). Actually I have no damn clue why it got deleted, since someone reported it as "Copyright Violation", but since I had credited all the sources of stock I used, I see no reason for this.

I'm quite disappointed on DeviantArt's new system which simply deletes your work without any kind of notification to you about why your work is claimed to be a Copyright violation etc. I'm especially disappointed since it was one of my most popular works, and maybe just my best wallpaper. I guess that contacting the staff won't change anything due it has already been deleted, and the staff simply seems to not to care even if the work is reported with questionable proof, or even without proof, who knows.

I hope I could get at least somekind of explanation of why the heck my work has been deleted. Thanks a bunch for the idiot who reported it without even contacting me first. I'm considering about reuploading it if I don't get a explanation of why it got deleted.

The work has been undeleted, and it's back in my gallery, just as it was when it was deleted.
Apparently it had been reported due it had been posted to another site, and for some reason the records showed that it was in fact posted to another site before it was posted to DeviantArt. Due the fact that this was impossible (records were messed up), since DA really was the first place I uploaded the work to, I got the devitation back.

Please always contact artist first before reporting, especially if you're unsure about if the work e.g. violates copyright. You should save time of the staff, and save the artists from headache as well. ;)
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