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February 25, 2008
Smoking kills. by *Uribaani is simply a well done, sharp photomanipulation with a clear message.
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Smoking kills.

Smoking kills.
It is a sorrowful thing, but it also is a fact.

Photography provided by Raimund Koch. sxc link.

Also, I'm aware that it's a joint, but I felt the massage to be more important than the relevance of the stock.

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alright I get your message, but that is a joint and not a cigarette. In my opinion a joint from time to time can actually be healthy to some people. I do from time to time and I have not gotten addicted or anything. In fact it helps me a lot with stress and it helps me to just relax.

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Wow..Government must know or watch this.. I bow for your work Uribaani.. Good job!
I hope this idea leads to the ultimate demise of cigarettes. I recently read a rather hateful message earlier. I don't know its exact words, and it may be a good thing I don't. It went along the lines, "How could you create these advertisements? What right or business do you have telling me what to do!?!"

What right do I have? The Bill of Rights is one of the oldest legally binding documents in existence. Democracy was born in America, and hopefully it still remains in America. If that argument does not work, then I hope this one does. If you smoked in the privacy of your home, I would not mind nearly as much. I suffer from asthma, and even though I have the good sense to never light up a smoke, I still inhale smoke. I do my best to hold my breath each time I am waiting for the bus, but I can only hold it for so long. I can only hold it for 9 minutes and 59.99 seconds. Unfortunately, I need to wait 20 minutes to catch the bus, so by my count that is 10 minutes and .01 seconds. That is 600.01 seconds more than I should need to smoke. Now, I guess you could tell me just walk to school. That would take me 6,000 seconds. A better solution is I could  tell you to stop smoking. Clearly that will not work. I could tell you you are killing several people by smoking in the bus stop, but you would probably just get upset with me for not "minding my own business." I could remind you, I am minding my business, in which case you would come up with another excuse.

Now, rather than wait for you to tell me, "Mind your own business. No backsies." I am taking it upon myself to collect signatures. If my bill passes, then each and every time you want to buy a pack of smokes, you will have sign to sign a contract. This contract will take you 600.01 seconds to read. Per cigarette. What is your smart Alex response to that contract? It is none of the cigarette company's business either? We will see who is laughing then.
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Why I never smoke. 
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Buddy -Can you led me some cash to by some smokes?

Me- I aint paying for your death.
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But then again, what doesn't?
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*cough* Madness Combat *cough*
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Lo que no entiendo es: !Por qué nunca paran de fumar¡
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Featured in my weekly Surprise box.  Great graphic!
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Message clair, rien à dire de plus. Bravo !
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I had tried everything I was able to regain my independence using this I was able to fill a void in my life you are perfect for this
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Tips For Fitting Weight Loss Into Your Busy Schedule
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This is a powerful creation. I have featured in my journal here~>[link]
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what program do you use? nice work
it took me 30 seconds to realize that it was a cig and not a really cool cane
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this looks really great. >=3
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Love this work !
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