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Ocille icons. -Volume 2

I have always wanted to make some clay-style icons, now I did some. If you like some, not so sharp and abstract icons, and you like a painting, clue style / something new, instead, I hope you have use for these. I can make more of these if these come popular, it isnt very easy to make painting style icons. Well, hope you enjoy these.
-Most of icons can be seen on the preview, but there´s still some that aint´, for example, file format icons. Total: 25 icons.
-256 px, 128 px, 64 px and 32px PNG´s.
+ ICO files for each icon. (I recomment to use 32px as system setting.)
The pack´s filesize is only ~1mb, so just download it, heh.
If you you like ´em, I´d appreciate if you´d at least leave a comment./fav. 2007©Miika Ahvenjärvi -Uribaani. Only for personal desktop use. Commercial use not allowed.
If you want to port them to Iconpackager, ask a permission for release.

Important notice:
The icons looks better in windows as ICO. -format, than 32 px PNG. files. So test them, dont look at the 32 px PNG files.
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is there a trash can
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It's a pleasure to leave a comment - for these little gems I get for that :)
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make volume 3 pls
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it's awesome
thanks for the beautiful icons ^^
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Nice set :D,accpt those :groups: post
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these are awesome
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great workmanship and a cool effect! Well done.
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This might be a bit late but these are a great set of icons :D
can i plz have that wallpaper too :P
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I like much thanks
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Wow ! Didnt know about it ! I'm amazed I really like this style such as the Buuf pack :D
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looks good man :+fav:
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Nice! I said I liked the cleanliness of your other icons, but I like grungy stuff too. These are sweet :) I use Mac, so I'm not sure if the icon format is the same... will have to find out :)
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Very nice icons, they have a unique style :D :+fav:
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Thanks, Iconmaster. :)
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:lmao: Its the Jesus Icon Set! Fantastic work! love the style.
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