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Minimalistic Portfolio.

Minimalistic Portfolio.
Guess what? It´s portfolio time again. This time I tried to create something that I could actually code someday. Eny Suggestions & Creative criticism are welcome.

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Time: Around 1 hour or less.
Copyright ©2007 Miika Ahvenjärvi. All right reserved.
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Nice job! Clean and professional! :)

Please have a look at my journal and deviations :)
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this portfolio is amazing ... i like it very much :)
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Nice style, looks great!
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Beautiful work!

Two suggestions, though:
1. Background is somewhat less pretty compared to the rest of the website.
2. You misspelled 'Available'.
Elgaris's avatar
Wow looks great!
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Stylish work! I like it!
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Looks good! Actually I don't really know how to build two separate menus in wordpress, but maybe I just give them some different stylesheets ^^. Interesting is how you are going to code the search thingie, because it's only one button here.
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Em, that isnt a search button, it´s zoom button. :P
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oh damn, I get it. Thought it would be some kind of pop-up java script search box :D
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i really like how it looks with the font, but including some others won't affect the design, really nice one! :)
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Awesome work. Don't think the head banner works as well as something else might, but it's still pretty damn nice.

What font are you using?
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Change font.
great man!! :) but i hate the rss icon on the top :no:
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Peeps complain about the bg- but don't say why really. For me, I love the bg effect, but it's slightly blotchy. As though you drew squiggly lines with a med size brush. Perhaps either a very large brush with no hardness, or overlap gradient fills.

Beautiful work
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nice minimalistic design mayne...good work
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very nice and stylish!
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veyr nice u got skills
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Looks nice. But that type will be a problem. It's very small, you need a sharp eye to read it. And Hoodge isn't a font many people will have installed on their computers. That means most people will see a generic font type at a very small size will certainly makes it unreadable.
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Well yes it is small but that isd what make his portfolio digital, I really like this font and there's maybe a sort of "pixelfont like" in windows. The only thing (in fact there's 2) that annoys me it's the font used on the header which is really contrasting with all the website. Maybe you could use a simple font suche as the one you used for Regduel. I also think you should have put the little RSS feed logo on the menu (at left).

Good luck, looks great, Faved :)
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Yeah maybe. I´m thinking that I will change it to other pixelfont, called Haxcorp S8.
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Problem is that that font isn't a font many people will have installed. There are no pixel font which you can assume the users will have.
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