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Colonial Marine -Wallpaper.

Important note: Download the full pack to get more resolutions.
Important note 2: Yes, the orginal artwork is not by me, it is by Daniel Luvisi aka 'Adonihs. This is just a ported wallpaper version. ( Permission of course granted for this.)

So basicly I wanted to make a wallpaper from the adonih´s amazing artwork. I edited the orginal artwork a bit and made a wallpaper from it. You can see the orginal by visiting adonih´s gallery, wich really is quite amazing.

Resolutions Included:
- 1920 x 1200
- 1680 x 1050
- 1600 x 1200
- 1280 x 1024

Quality: Highest JPG. quality.
Filesize of the pack: Normal. ( 6mb )
Only for personal use, do not rip.
© 2008 - 2021 Uribaani
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Just perfect)
Very inspiring also cause I'm goning to join military this year. So this is going to my desctop while I'm in progress.
Great job.
fox0509's avatar
hmm... nice playing cards bruh
Cebius's avatar
its an cool Marine art and i am wondering if i could use this one for a mod i am working on. I have sent Adonihs a message about this too but no response at the moment.
Uribaani's avatar
I really can't give you a permission alone, as it's for most part Adonihs' work, but if he agrees I have no problem with it of course.
Cebius's avatar
Alrighty then, then i need to wait for his reply then. :3
Ain't that shit from Dan Luvisi?
Uribaani's avatar
Yep, read the description next time, will ya? ;) I didn't want this wall to turn out as popular is it did, because as stated, it's just a minor modification from my end. But I suppose it just promotes his work even more than one devitation would.
My bad, i read the txt a litlle late.....
Zombiesniper2797's avatar
This is the shit i mean damn its awsome .Fuckin epic
MrShackra's avatar
Great port work ;D
can you use a free (libre) format for compress? (like .7z of
This is just brillant ! The most awesome wallpaper I've ever seen ! :love:
jefte's avatar
Very Nice work
awesome man!

but the ciggarretes are
too short :P
tamer98's avatar
So cool. I loved Aliens and I used to spend hours doodling Colonial Marines.
Traczyk's avatar
Fantastic work. Your work is very inspirational.
Thats wicked!! great work!!
Commander-jao's avatar
its awesome!
but out of interest when is it suppose to be set?
sinski's avatar
i love the ciggs and the cards and the whole scene going on.. amazing!
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