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April 29, 2021
The Kawaloosha dwellings by Uriak
Featured by AlexanderPaupoff
Suggested by Erdbeerstern
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The Kawaloosha dwellings


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This time I've tried to go beyond my usual compositions. Never done so many trees before ^^

Edit : thanks for the DD !
And now I've done a new picture of the place
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Very,very nice!

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Glad you like it !

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Congrats on the DD!

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Cool! Keep it up
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Thanks ! I'm gonna try and I'm actually working on a different illustration in this setting

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Practise made perfect. Those are indeed pretty neat trees.

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haha, thanks. I started with more realistic shapes but then chose to see how games did evergreens in low poly, and I feel it turned fine

Parece até uma foto!

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Fantastic pic. Very mysterious.

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Thank you. I tried to play with the atmosphere quite a bit yes.

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This is some straight-up Tolkien stuff here 😊

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Thank you ^^ I've tried mixing a bit of the Shire with both skandinavian and japanese houses.

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Wonderful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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Thanks a lot ! It was quite a surprise to get one ^^

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Félicitations pour cette DD :la: !

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La perspective est vraiment magnifique et j'adore l'athmosphère qui s'en dégage :love:

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Merci beaucoup :3
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Just whimsical <3

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This looks so magical!

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Superb! Great job! :clap:

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Hey, I found this piece through ProjectComment ( again ), and I’m grateful I did!

As I observed the piece, I felt the composition might have been quite challenging ( I don’t usually go for this kind of 3-point perspective myself ). The rendering was very well done, and the scene did feel believable to me. But those colors give so much more ‘life’ to the piece. The vibrant greens and oranges contrast nicely with the more bull blues, cyans, and purples. Also, the contrasting values throughout the piece create grounded focal points in the top and bottom ‘middle line’ of the piece. The roofs and warmer colors of the windows of the buildings also do a superb job of providing that dynamic eye movement I look for.

But the thing that stood out to me in particular were the characters. The cats at the top and the other characters sitting upon the bottom branch provided a strong sense of story ( more so than the homes themselves ). The way they all seem so..relaxed and ‘chill’ gave me a strong sense of ‘euphoria’ and calm, ultimately making me feel like they all do their best to make sure the ‘town’ is at its best.

However, there was one major thing that I just have to point out. The at the middle right edge. They are flying in an arching motion, but it’s to the right edge, so the eye immediately wants to follow their path ( and gets ‘cut off’ by that edge ). Perhaps if the birds were flying in an opposite arch ( with the same relative placement as they have here ), the eyes would follow the larger dynamic arch ( from the characters at the bottom branch, to the birds, along the highlights of the trees - upper middle, and lastly to the cat at the upper left corner ) of the piece, and ultimately adding that ‘final touch’ to the work’s dynamic eye movement itself.

With that said, this was quite an inspiring, well-rendered, story-driven piece! I see you've improved

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Right off the bat, I like that the only usage of warm colours is to gently highlight the little lights on in the houses. You can get a feel for the distant cool light of the night, along with the sereneness of nature. I love that the foreground doesn't take too much attention, but an observant viewer can notice the little characters high above the little village; the camera angle portrays this scene like we're seeing it from the character that's on the swing's eyes, almost like the over-the-shoulder point of view most commonly-- in my experience at least-- utilized in videogames. If this were a game, I'd compare its beauty to a similar feel as Ori and the Blind Forest; it's beautiful, riveting, and if this were a game then I'd feel as if every second on the screen would make a gorgeous screenshot to make my desktop background.

The foggy falls is spot on and lets the viewer know that this "box" is not the only existing part of the world. The river guides the eye gently towards town, and the forest is easy to distinguish as life-giving and prosperous, to the town, the little birds far down below there... Overall, the composition is nice, and the lighting is just soft enough to not be blinding and compliment the peacefulness of this piece. Very nice fantasy art and makes me immersed.

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