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Ready When You Are, Captain

Finished it this morning just in time for Christmas. Sorry for the low quality. Damn camera didn't capture right.

My Christmas gift to Glacie-the-Glaceon because she and I both love Star Wars, I decided to draw us as our Star Wars eeveelutions, Padawan Ur-Kell and Clone Captain CT-72-1395 (tail hidden beneath the dress).

Ur-Kell's legs are mechanical because he went against General Grievous and had his legs cut off. He only barely survived because the General was forced to flee shortly after.
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can you draw magearna and volcanion as Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and Padme Amidala plz i hope u like Star Wars
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I do, but it takes me forever to try to draw a good enough human shape.

Plus, I don't know what Magearna and Volcanion are.

Also, at the moment, I'm pretty busy with work.
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you don't know what is Wander Over Yonder and Transformers G1
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I can't draw either of those.
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can you draw wander lord dominator Sylvia lord hater Commander Peepers as Barricade Soundwave Brawl Starscream Megatron costume plz I hope u like transformers g1 show
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This is very nice! Pokemon + Star Wars is a combination i personally love! I even do roleplays with that setting in Discord
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Hehe, kewl ^^

I love star wars X3
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She's a Clone Captain. The weapon she's holding in her right hand is a Vibrosword made of Cortosis, which is a rare metal that can resist lightsabers. I'm a Jedi Padawan with the yellow lightsaber.
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Cool cool! I would love to check out the story of this!
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