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Uri's Costume by Uri-the-Espeon Uri's Costume :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 13 28 Final Draft Pony Snuggles by Uri-the-Espeon Final Draft Pony Snuggles :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 13 4 Different - Emily by Uri-the-Espeon Different - Emily :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 6 1 BROHOOF by Uri-the-Espeon BROHOOF :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 8 7 200 Watchers!!! by Uri-the-Espeon 200 Watchers!!! :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 30 61 Eeveelution Origins - Uri by Uri-the-Espeon Eeveelution Origins - Uri :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 14 4 Might as well :P by Uri-the-Espeon Might as well :P :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 6 17 Happy Birthday Glacie! by Uri-the-Espeon Happy Birthday Glacie! :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 23 10 I'm not sure I want to know... by Uri-the-Espeon I'm not sure I want to know... :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 4 11 Final Draft's Desk by Uri-the-Espeon Final Draft's Desk :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 10 3
Uri - Chapter I
Chapter 1 - Friends
The egg stood still in the pillow for three weeks, since it was first laid by the mother Pokémon. It sat within the dry shade of the hollow tree until...
The baby inside the egg had woken up and was knocking against the inside of the shell, ready to be born.
A bit of the egg shell had broken. The baby pawed at the shell to break it open a little more.
The egg’s shell had given way, and the newborn Eevee flopped on his back, slowly opening his eyes and stretching out, letting out a little yawn before examining his surroundings. The pillow was warm and cozy, more so than his egg, and there was also a soft and warm blue blanket, but there was something missing. The baby Eevee looked around, but there was no one to look for. He was all alone.
“M-mommy?” he called out, “Daddy?”
There was no answer. The little Eevee curled up, warming up against the soft cushion, but sad th
:iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 10 7
I AM MY OWN EDITOR by Uri-the-Espeon I AM MY OWN EDITOR :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 9 2
Uri - Prologue
The Sylveon had gathered all the apples and berries he had needed for him and his wife. It had been 10 days since she had laid the egg. The Sylveon was excited to be a father. Carrying the fruits in a small basket, he crawled into their home, which was a hollow tree.
"Minerva, my dear," said Merlyn the Sylveon to his wife, "How is our baby doing?"
The shiny mother Sylveon hugged the egg close to her, smiling. "I felt him move earlier," said Minerva.
Merlyn put the basket of fruit down and approached Minerva and their egg. "It's a boy?" he asked happily.
“I concentrated on him a little while ago,” she said, stroking the egg gently with one paw, “I can feel our baby is a boy.”
“A son,” said Merlyn with a happy tear coming into his eye. He touched the egg and felt it move a little. “He’s dreaming,” he said with a smile.
Minerva hugged the egg closer to her, feeling her baby slowly move around inside.
:iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 19 33
Tynal's Birthday Present by Uri-the-Espeon Tynal's Birthday Present :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 15 13 Uri by Uri-the-Espeon by Uri-the-Espeon Uri by Uri-the-Espeon :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 36 20 Shoujo Glacie by Uri-the-Espeon Shoujo Glacie :iconuri-the-espeon:Uri-the-Espeon 9 13

Which game should I play next? 

11 deviants said Amnesia - The Dark Descent
10 deviants said The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth
4 deviants said Limbo
4 deviants said PacMan.exe
4 deviants said One Finger Death Punch
3 deviants said Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion
2 deviants said Imscared - A Pixellated Nightmare
2 deviants said You Have to Win the Game
2 deviants said Cry of Fear
2 deviants said Pony Island



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Adam Walker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Not much to tell. I just like drawing for fun and I usually use my drawings in my stories, even if they are fanfictions.

Currently trying to raise :points: via donations and commissions.


With great power comes great responsibility.

He had that power, and he used it responsibly by introducing us to an entire universe of superhumans.

The great Stan Lee will never be forgotten. :salute: Rest in Peace Stan Lee.
It's All Hallow's Eve, the time is at hand,
For the spirits of the dead to again roam the land,
And on this night, we walk with them hand in hand,
And enjoy our time together in our supernatural band.

Happy Halloween to all my friends on DeviantArt. :3
I'm putting up a rather serious question here.

Who still wants to see Glacie-the-Glaceon's story comic Warm Hearts?
I've got some interesting news regarding my drawings. Despite the fact that I've hit artist's block recently, I found a new inspiration, and one that I hope to submit for Inktober.

A long time ago, I had an idea for a comic which ended up in Development Hell because of complications maintaining contact with some friends who wanted to take part in the project itself. The purpose of the comic was to support people with mild autism in one way or another by showing people that those with autism are not "developmentally disabled" and that autism itself cannot be "caught" from getting vaccinated, and that it is NOT A DISEASE like so many people think.

My comic was intended to depict autistic people as having super powers based on their personalities and primary interests. It was started, but never finished, but now, with the right amount of inspiration, I think that I could at least bring the core characters back.

This month, I'm going to give it all I've got. I'm going to draw the core characters of my comic project entitled DIFFERENT and submit them to DeviantArt, possibly for Inktober, but more than anything, because I want to see these characters brought back because they mean so much to me. :3
Really excited now :3 I bought a new bed and TV and I'm gonna remodel my room pretty soon. :3
Net Neutrality is not dead yet. There's still time left for a solution to be found and hopefully save the internet.…

Fuck you, Ajit Pai. I curse the day you were ever conceived.
#FUCKAJITPAI #SaveNetNeutrality
A lot of people have been concerned with the state of net neutrality as of late. I've seen journals and received notes expressing people's concerns with what is going to happen. I'm worried too, but I've been following reports that say that it's not likely to happen, especially since we all know that Ajit Pai has been supporting the Net Neutrality Repeal illegally, recent reports of massive fraud within the FCC, that a bunch of people are leaving the FCC to support Net Neutrality, and the fact that even if Ajit Pai wins, it has to be approved by the Office of Management & Budget. There's also that recent bill that needs to be taken into account, the bill that, if signed, states that Net Neutrality can never be threatened ever again.

Even if Ajit Pai wins, the Office of Management & Budget has to approve it, and it's likely that they won't because too many people rely on the internet and it's unreasonable to charge people extra for something that is literally meant to be free access to information, especially for small businesses. And further more, with the public desperately needing Net Neutrality to live, including yours truly, the bill protecting Net Neutrality may save it indefinitely, and we're also in a small way, slowing down the action being taken towards Ajit Pai's stupid, illegal plan.
My good friend peaceonda is back on DA. :) She left temporarily because of a lot of grief several other users gave her, though all that's behind her and she wants to make friends and have people to talk to. If you'd like to meet her, send her a note or comment on her profile. :)
Apologies for not submitting drawings or creating any statuses as of late. Everyday things involving work and home life have been getting in the way of my time on DA, as well as a somewhat lack of creativity on my part. Though that shouldn't be much of an issue to overcome as I'm getting more ideas in mind and just need the motivation to kick them into action. Hopefully I'll be able to submit something soon, though digital art may be on hiatus for quite some time as my drawing tablet has been finicky lately, so until then, I'm gonna be doing hand-drawn art for the time being.


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