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December 29, 2012
Pumpkin king by ~Maho-Urei
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by Lenore-Hug
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Pumpkin king

Jack skellington (Costume, make up): Maho-Urei
photo by misaki

I nearly lost 7kg of my weight to do this cosplay and I guess I still need to be on diet....
Jack is like my super super favorite character therefore
I had to do my best
I wish to do other costumes of Jack as well
such as Sandy one and the some costumes from the game :)

Since lots of people are worried about my health... I guess I have to tell that I used to be skinnier ^^;
I put about 10 kg of my weight while I was in Ireland for 4 years
that proves how Japanese foods are healthy...8D
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Can I borrow the cosplay and the contact lenses, it's so cool and beautiful

Gislaadt's avatar
Fabulous work, bravo !!
DragonesSaurusRex's avatar
Dang look at all the faves u got
BalanceLord's avatar
That's a cosplay I can worship.
Laurentiusje's avatar
this looks amazing!
ShineNotBurn's avatar
Awesome make up. Awesome costume. Just awesome! Jack Skellington Emote 
dyingflames's avatar
It is shocking how simply marvelous this is! Marvelous! Simply marvelous!
You cannot take off your head and recite Shakespearean quotations can you...?
MegeDrama's avatar
OMG... This is awesome on so many levels!! Wonderful job!!
pharaohyamifan's avatar
Wow! Nice cosplay!

Quick question; how did you do the hands? I've been wanting to do this for ages, but can't find decent skellington hands ^^
shadamy20's avatar
lithsandrophantom's avatar
Are you doing the Jack's coat? It's very amazing!
horsey-artist-child's avatar
Im on that good side of cosplay again
kiri-kitsune's avatar
japanese food is healthy and delicious! x3
you are a fantastic jack! ^^
This is too awesome man!!
rurack's avatar
dont loos weight.. is bad 4 u..
exelent cosplay
DarlingWonders's avatar
The best cosplay I have ever seen of Jack! Great work!
yellowcoffeecup's avatar
wooooow love it! :D great cosplay as always!
theweirdgirlinclass's avatar
How did you pull of the hands? It looks great :D
LeaSolSolis's avatar
How the hell have you been skinnier than this? It seems almost impossible (unless you are anorexic).
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pullingcandy's avatar
The December, 2012 Cosplay Daily Deviation Round-Up has been released, and you can find your spectacular work here!:la:
Jan200's avatar
Loss weight for the Jack. It is what I called dedication.
harunatu's avatar
i loved that sensual cosplay oh my gooooood is the best
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