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December 29, 2012
Pumpkin king by ~Maho-Urei
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Suggested by Lenore-Hug
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Pumpkin king



Jack skellington (Costume, make up): Maho-Urei
photo by misaki

I nearly lost 7kg of my weight to do this cosplay and I guess I still need to be on diet....
Jack is like my super super favorite character therefore
I had to do my best
I wish to do other costumes of Jack as well
such as Sandy one and the some costumes from the game :)

Since lots of people are worried about my health... I guess I have to tell that I used to be skinnier ^^;
I put about 10 kg of my weight while I was in Ireland for 4 years
that proves how Japanese foods are healthy...8D
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Can I borrow the cosplay and the contact lenses, it's so cool and beautiful