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Take him alive!

G.I. Joe, accompanied by Stalker and Snake Eyes, surrounds the super strong alien, The Intruder. He has already beaten Low-Light and Roadblock. The Intruder has no intention of killing anyone, and neither does G.I. Joe and his team. Joe just wants to capture him... for science! 

History and Rationale

The play pattern for the G.I. Joe Adventure Team and Action Man Team years (1976 - 1977) involved the capture of The Intruders. We know this because the vehicles they designed for the line were intended to capture. Why not kill them? The idea I came up with was that the government wanted to study The Intruders. They were alien beings of high intellect and an incredible body which could withstand impact to the Earth onboard a shattered chunk of meteor going at 44 miles per second! They were super strong and super durable. This obviously made them very difficult to kill or harm with conventional weapons. Besides, they didn't want to harm them: they wanted them alive. 

To pull this off, they tasked G.I. Joe with capturing them. They provided him assistance with the finest super heroes they could find: The Atomic Man (Mike Power) and Bulletman. Over in the UK Action Man received the same orders and was also assisted by the likes of Atomic Man and Bulletman as well as British Commando, Tom Stone. None of these guys are pictured in the image, by the way. 

What's fascinating is that, when you look at the story from The Intruder's perspective, no one ever asked him who his enemy was. The advertising campaign always said that "The Intruder is the enemy of G.I. Joe!". The Intruder and his warriors are alone on this planet with no other way off. They're essentially stranded, can't communicate with the native Earth species, and are under geared. It's possible they had more than just armour due to their equipment burning up upon entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Anyone reading this can probably tell that I gave this a lot of thought. I completely sympathize with The Intruders. I feel they are completely misunderstood. I feel there is a story that hasn't been told yet. G.I. Joe could likely be a larger enemy. 
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