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Gargon and The Master of Time

Terron, The Beast from Beyond was supposed to be the Super Joe big event toy. It didn't sell well mainly because it didn't function as intended. A real bummer. It didn't stop Hasbro from licensing the toy to Palitoy over in the UK. Terron was folded into the Palitoy Action Man Team and Space Rangers lines as Gargon, The Beast of the Evil Master of Time... The Master of Time. It said so on the packaging. Who was this Master of Time who sent Gargon to aid The Intruder? The Master of Time that controlled the Time Door? This information was in the paperwork provided in the packaging as well as Gargon's packaging itself! It was driving me mad because there was no information, images or anything at all about this Master of Time! He was just there for marketing!

So, I did what anyone who needed answers would do: I wrote about it. Writing did very little to scratch the itch. So... I made him! The Master of Time's appearance is practically my rendition of the guy. A purple eyed old time bender clad in black. He isn't as he seems however. Similar to Mass Effect's Asari, he only looks human to us. To every other species that see him, they see what their brain interprets the person to be another member of their race! This was done to explain why he looks human to us! To everyone else, including Gargon, he looks like a member of their race! The only constant is his purple eyes. Mr. Purple Eyes himself! 

My rendition of Gargon is also different. He's still a Terron from planet Terron and still the first member of The Master of Time's team known as the Time Enemies. The only difference is that he's a juvenile Terron. He's the equivalent of a 9 year old which explains why he's so small compared to real Terrons (you'd have to see a picture of a Terron toy next to a Super Joe figure to get a good idea of what an adult's scale ought to be like). Writing such a large and strong character to be a child is actually kind of a sweet take for me. I'll be releasing more images and information as I go. Short bursts, short bursts. 
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