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Doctor X and Baron Ironblood

During the 1980s, G.I. Joe was at it's second height in popularity. The 3.75 scale figure was big business and everyone wanted in. The 3.75 inch line was popularized by Kenner's Star Wars action figures and has been a mainstay for boy's toys since.

When it was Palitoy's turn to shift into the 3.75 inch line to survive, they did so even before G.I. Joe with their Action Force line of toys. One of the most memorable characters from that line was Baron Ironblood. He was Action Force's prime antagonist even when Palitoy transformed him into Cobra Commander to fit the newly licensed G.I. Joe model into the brand. I never grew up on any of this but I find it fascinating after much research.

Then there's Doctor X. Doctor X was a character that came from Action Man's resurgence in popularity during the 90s. He was an evil scientist and mastermind basically. However, the female version did not become a thing until IDW's 2016 Action Man run. In it, the original Doctor X dies in an accident and, former Action Man Program agent, Mercy Gale assumes the role?

Between them, the original is cartoony, but I like the motivation of the second.

My take on Baron Ironblood was to male this one a former follower who assumes the role after the previous became Cobra Commander. As for Doctor X, she's nearly identical to her IDW portrayal.
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