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Bomber Escape

In yet another image from the Action Man Space Ranger short picture story entitled "Threat from Space" in the Panini Action Man Sticker Collection Book (1983), Rom, the Spaceknight and Action Man Space Ranger, Captain Jake Hardy, have commandeered a Margax Bomber and made a quick exit towards the space warp way above the Margax planet's atmosohere. Here is the excerpt for this image:

"A Margax Bomber falls to their assault. Rom – Possessed of a knowledge beyond that of any computer – flies it off…"

This is the final image that we get to see the Margax people when they're not in a star fighter or a warship. They can be seen firing away at the Bomber. I'm assuming in this instance this may be a combination of soldiers and pilots. Note the sharp teeth and variation on their snout noses either being black or skin toned. Donkey people? Dragon people? Fur or flesh? Beats me. I think it looks awesome.

Lastly, whilst the other Margax spacecrafts have consisyently been depicted in gold, this one is a unique maroon.

Disclaimer: I did not draw this image nor do I own the rights to this image.
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