Returning to Role-Play! 2021

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Hi Everyone!

So after a long absence I’m back! And I’m looking to get back into role-play, I don’t really have any major ideas but I’m pretty flexible and am opening to hearing out yours.

I’m still in the processes of updating my rules and formulating ideas, but for now, my rules would be:

1 – Paragraph Form/3rd Person only!

2 – Notes only, I’m not giving out my skype/discord, etc. to people I don’t know

3 – OCs only! I don’t mind putting OCs in a fandom like making them Pokémon trainers or students at Hogwarts, but no cannon characters

4 – I’m up for anything, I do hetero, gay, and lesbian romance, and even do platonic relationships without romance

5 – No godmodding or switching characters

6 – Treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect.

If you are interested please send me a note, I know this isn’t the most engaging post but if you’re interested we can talk more over notes and discuss the details.

Please send me a note if interested, thanks!

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