Brought to the Light

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So much good we associate with light
The sign of a warm and loving figure
What a bud needs to grow large and healthy
Yet we don’t think of the negatives


Shine a light where I feel guilt
See me for what I really am
No, not a vampire or other demon

But someone who fears
Someone ugly
We hide more than just cruelty in darkness
We hide are fears

Blind me
Reveal what I know to be wrong with myself
Bring me to the light

See me for what I really am
Theme number 3: Light, part of my 100 themes challenge, 

I've been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts lately, and there it's always Light = Good, Darkness = Bad, so I decided to mix it up with a negative poem about light, and I'll write a positive poem about darkness, though I know i'll be far from the first person to do that. 
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