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Well, it's certainly took a good long time, but here it is, the official part 2 of Mimiko's tale. I've struggled to get it done for some reason, starting and stopping several times, but I finally decided on how I wanted it to end in order to setup for the next part, which may hopefully come along quicker than this one did, but I'm not making any promises.

This part introduces some new elements into the story, including Mimiko's friend, Naomi, and some details of the world I've been building up here and there in our D&D games.

In relation to :icongatorbackradial:'s parts 2 and 3 of Hell's Straitjacket, I would like to think of that as an alternate story path that Mimiko could have taken when she was at the crossroads in part 1. Perhaps she turned left here, and right there. Either way, I hope that everyone enjoys both mine and his!
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Argh! It's been forever since I read the first one and I was SOOOO happy to find a part 2, but now I want mooooore! <3 It was fantastic as usual. Though if I'm being honest a bit unnerving. Mimiko's priestess friend and I share a name... and it's not often I see that name pop up in stories, so it was a little startling at first. Not to mention she's a kind-hearted woman AND a pervert... and while I could act all high and mighty my friends would totally appear out of thin air and shut my pervy ass down in a heartbeat, soooo, yeah... Amusing, Well-written (as usual), GREAT dialogue, wonderful story, sexy, and FULL of all the right kinds of tension... as well as some surprise weirdness in the form of a new and lovely character that I can definitely live with. 
11 out of 10 would read again and post all over facebook to my friends to make them read too. Because it's awesome. Hope there's more to come. Have I mentioned this is awesome? XD *thumbs up*
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D&D games? :) what do you think of 4e? I like it better then 3.0/3.5 personally. I played pre-test 'next' and didn't like it.
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I personally couldn't stand 4E, actually; I started out on AD&D 2E and moved into 3E after that. I had 4E's core books on pre-order, then I actually got a look at a leaked copy of them, and I was not impressed with what I saw and cancelled them, never looked back.  I basically went t Pathfinder for several years before 5E launched.  I'm kind of the opposite, I guess, because I've been playing 5E since it came out last year and have been enjoying it pretty well. Reminds me a lot of 2E in how it feels, and that's a good thing. It's got some issues of course, but overall its very solid, I think.
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Woah, great story. I sure hope, it doesn't take that much time until part 3 is finally finished. :)
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Please let me know one part 3 shows up I've read this before and it's still pretty good very good even one thing I've noticed with short stories like yours and most short stories they have a lack beautiful pictures to go with the beautiful words I've seen possible fan art of your story or maybe it was you and I didn't notice of Mimiko doing a karate kick toward the demon. doing some fine pictures along with your story would be great ^////^ :)
abused-toy's avatar
is there a part 3? i do hope so
UrbanSniper's avatar
Not yet, but eventually I do hope to get it done.
FlairTheDark's avatar
Swweeeet I love thsi stuff.
I gotta say that is OOONNNEE lucky demon....wish I was that straitjacket..... XD
really this has gota be one the most exoticly erotic/kinky thing I've EVER read.
THis would make one HELL of a book XD
Doubt it would pass the regulatiosn though, ya know how bad censors can be....
Anyway I hope to see the rest of this. IF ur planning to go furter wiht it or if :gatorbackradial: is going to. either way this is going to require ALOT of fresh underpants for the guys, yes I know what u guys are doing while reading this u sick pervs u XD
UrbanSniper's avatar
Wow, thanks so much for the high praise; I'm just sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment; been neglecting things far too much around here, lol.  Really glad you enjoyed it, though.
FlairTheDark's avatar
no problem. I actualy forgot i posted this comment. anyway cant wait 4 more kinky goodness.
I saw the first part of this a while ago, but only recently noticed that there's a part 2.

Very amusing story, and I can't wait to see more. Though I think I would have tried to bargain more for getting Mimiko's arms free, if I were Naomi. Possibly by offering to go through with what she said she could do with Mimiko if he did...
UrbanSniper's avatar
Hehe, Naomi does have a plan in that regard, if I can ever get around to continuing this one. Thanks for reading!
Kethrian's avatar
My prediction, should you continue this, is that the separation will kill Mimiko, unless someone were to take her place with the outfit, and Naomi volunteers.... And I would call that the happy ending!
UrbanSniper's avatar
That is an interesting thought there...
Kethrian's avatar
Glad you like it! And feel free to use the idea if you want, I give up all "ownership" of it to you.
aidenke's avatar
A very great little story you've been working here. Both branches are different and fun - I do hope that a 3rd part is in the cards in the future! :)

Until then, thanks for sharing these stories! :)
UrbanSniper's avatar
It is, I just can't say when it'll be done. My mind's been jumping between stories like crazy, so I'm not making much progress on any of them.

Still, glad to hear you enjoyed how its gone so far; thanks for reading!
side-effect55's avatar
I so enjoyed this chapter. All the squirming and the teasing was just a feast for the mind.
UrbanSniper's avatar
Great, glad you liked it so much! Sometimes a good tease is better than going further.
technomo12's avatar
Side A looks Delicious as Side b but this side has YURI >_<
or maybe Implied Yuri but its better than no Yuri at all hahaha
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I defer to the creator of the characters on this one. Nicely done, Urban. Thanks for letting me take off on the tangent, I'll keep going as far as I can with it.
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