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Symmetra Booty | Overwatch

*Updated Tracer's skin tone and corrected the bightness/colour on her goggles.

Booty of the Game this round goes to Symmetra!

Leotards. Very spicy.

Rendered in SFM, edited via Photoshop.

If you like what you see and feel like supporting my art, check out my Patreon.
If you can spare a buck a month, I could really do with your support! :) (Smile)
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ulyseskortez's avatar

Hahahahaha!! GREAT. Thank you very much for your art.

Holy shit, this is sooo perfect! Any chance you're gonna do something with Symmetra (and her booty) again soon??

Urbanator's avatar

In the future, more than likely!

Fredoria's avatar

I've never played Overwatch, but the theme of the picture made me favourite it!


I demand some unsee juice now, this gives me aids.

Angrybirdfan101's avatar
Then why'd you click on it and comment on it?
MDetector-5's avatar
Nicely done, and nice... uh, assets!
Urbanator's avatar
Haha, thanks man! :)
Djjacob1954's avatar
Winston's like, "Most peculiar". :D
lioncrud2's avatar
dude, forget a buck a month on patreon, I will pay much more if you can give me access to this Symmetra model or the pieces needed to hack it if that's what it is lol
Bombero22's avatar
Sweet chocolate!
joebobsteve16's avatar
HabitPop's avatar
I will eat symmtra ass like a cheese cake
Bombero22's avatar
DireWorks's avatar

where is steam....lets search,  o ver watch (enter) lets go (buy) (install) :D
folgore2010's avatar
They wan tthat perfect mocha ass
That is a beautiful, gorgeous brown booty :).
Nicetreday14's avatar
That ass is gorilla approved.
PinkiePieLover7's avatar
You did an amazing job with this. I especially love the look on Tracer's face. 
Urbanator's avatar
Thank you PinkiePie! :D
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