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September 16, 2012
Ravage of the Blight by *Urbanator
Featured by Lyricanna
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Ravage of the Blight | Dragon Age

Wow, this took a long time to do! Admittedly, building scenebuilds usually does take a lot more effort.
Having played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time recently, I just had to make a scene with those ruthless Darkspawn.

I wanted to portary this scene not so much as a battle, but a slaughter, with the
settlement in flames and the few defenders left being completely overrun by the horde.

Posed in GMod, edited via Photoshop.
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azurecanyons's avatar
Truly an amazing feat. Thanks for sharing!
Urbanator's avatar
Thank you! Really appreciate that! :)
jnastay's avatar
This is straight amazing
Curnott's avatar
I know I'm a bit late, but I feel like I should say that this looks really impressive. 
Urbanator's avatar
Haha, it is quite an old piece now. But your
comment is appreciated regardless! :)
dara1hunter's avatar
Holy crap. How did you even do this? I can't imagine not getting fed up and either abandoning it or throwing my tablet across the room. This is one insane masterpiece. <3 <3  Thank you for sharing your talent with us. This is just amazing. 
Urbanator's avatar
Hey thank you! Yeah this was no small job! :P
I would rather have Darkspawn savages rule Theda than let the Chantry, Tevinter, or Qun infest it.
Downside is that they would turn most, if not all, women into broodmothers : (
Maybe, but with nobody to kill, and with all sapient species united as Darkspawn, they would eventually form an enlightened, peaceful society.
jengolem's avatar
OMG! This is freaking awesome!
ffransis's avatar
Lothering all over again
TakaReiame's avatar
You are gifted
Urbanator's avatar
Thanks! Thats very nice of yah! :)
Moralai's avatar
So bloody (&) beautiful!
GodKingErebus's avatar
That is amazing, the Darkspawn in Origins is way better than the others.
Urbanator's avatar
I'd agree completely, though the new ones in DAI are growing on me.

Thanks though! :D
GodKingErebus's avatar
Yeah they pretty much just ruined a perfect race of Darkspawn the only thing that is good is they made the Qunari better
Elvinkin66's avatar
That that's a lot of darkspawn! 
SpinosaurusDinosaur's avatar
Holy molly, excellent work!
Love the composition and lighting! Spot on!
Urbanator's avatar
Thankyou so much! :D
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Well,holy fuck this is great!
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