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Joker and Harley Quinn | Batman

I tried to think of something unique for a title, but came up short.
Simplicity is hip I'm sure of it.

Anyway, enjoy some typical Joker/Quinn imagery.

Rendered in SFM, edited via Photoshop.

If you like what you see and feel like supporting my art, check out my Patreon:)
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Neat! :)

"Why so serious?"

vallavalhalla's avatar

Always on the point, nice.

Of what I can see they seems joyfull
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this is my calling card girl
oh mr. j u say the nicest things
Stone-Arazel-Heart's avatar
This is truly a BEAUTIFUL piece, at first I thought it was a game's official artwork. Nice, keep it up!!
Urbanator's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Owleye90's avatar
You made that?!!! I found it randomly on the intermet - IT'S MY WALLPAPER!!!
Urbanator's avatar
And I hadn't expected people to like it as much as they did. :V

But yeah, thanks!
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dancing--puppet's avatar
this is so fucking perfect
Urbanator's avatar
Hey thank you! :)
dancing--puppet's avatar
i want to draw Harley too, but i will never get near to this. :3 well done!
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What joker model did you use?
oh mai this is GOOODDDD! 
didn't this movie not do so hot?
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Are you aware that… is selling your art? I thought you should know
Urbanator's avatar
Yeah someone else linked me to this earlier.
Its not very nice, but what can I do?
You could spend forever trying to fight these parasites.

Thank you for letting me know though. :)
kaybet's avatar
You're welcome. I saw it on facebook and it made me think about if they asked. Its sad, cause I've seen them advertise with a lot of different artwork and probably none of it's even their's. Makes me a little glad that my own artwork doesn't look good through a screen...
Urbanator's avatar
Yeah its a real back-handed compliment. But its still really lame,
these lecherous pricks trying to make a buck out of people. :/
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