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Wronged Man

Another color rough for the Wrong Man DVD cover I worked on. Again, this was one of the first times I tried to use Photoshop to "paint" with. Prior to this, I only used PS to color in a comic book style. But for this illustration, I needed to mimic a painterly style that mirrored the movie poster styles from that early Hitchcock era.

What I really (still) like about this piece is that the overall design and typography compliment each other well and fit the movie poster look for that time period nicely. I was also happy with the realistic painting. I had never applied a technique like that to my line drawings and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Thanks for taking a look. And, no, this one wasn't chosen either...! The one that was chosen was my least favorite. Oh well. I was still honored to work on a project like this.
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Very cool! Thank you so very much!
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You are welcome ! :3
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Ah, well that's always the way, isn't it?
I work in the printing business and 9 out of 10 they take the things I'm least proud of.

Anyway, this is really cool! Fits perfectly to the movie.
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Oh man. That would have made a killer DVD cover.
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The one they used wasn't my favorite but it was an honor to paint one.
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This is really great. I dont know if you know, but these guys linked to your image.
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That's pretty cool! Thanks for the head's up!
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WTF!?! dude?!
i NEVER saw this one!
what a jerk you are! this rules!
am i crazy? or is there just the TINIest hint of Jack Davis to this?
(maybe i've been hittin' the pipe?)
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Stay away from the pipe! Egaazzztttt!!! Thanks Steve! I like the composition on this one with the type more than the drawing itself. It was just a cover mock up that obviously was never taken to the next step.
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well, it still rules!
i'm pissed u hid it from me!
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I may have to hire you, I liek the cut o' your jib..... - mh
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Please do! Please do!!!!
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Looks amazing! This is just a rough? Great likeness... and the color choices are sweet! I can't believe they didn't go for this one... the composition just nails the time period.
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Thanks, Tom. I really enjoyed these. Wish they had more for me to do!
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fantastic piece.............
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Another retro style..really gettin to love it more n more,bro!
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Thanks! Glad it's growing on you! Have a great weekend!
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It's just not fair... How can you be so good and so handsome?
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Years of painful exercises similar to the ones shown in the first Bloodsport movie. LOTS of splits!
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