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Star Wars

A little Star Wars pin up
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luke where is him
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These guys are the best
Did you use live people to draw, like models for reference, or did you draw this strait out of your head?I would like  start an art club at my college, but nobody would attend.I guess you could have people dress up in costumes like cosplay, or have a person who has the time to dress up and is good at sowing and props from a drama club to help  you out. I'm just brainstorming and I WOULD LIKE SOME ADVICE FROM A  PROFESSIONAL TO SHOW ME THE ROPES ON HOW TO DO THINGS AND MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT I LOVE LIKE ART. COLLEGE SHOULD HELP WITH THAT RIGHT ONCE I GET MY DEGREE FOR JOB PLACEMENT. RIGHT NOW THERE AREN 'T MANY ART JOBS TO GO AROUND, BUT I AM THINKING ON BECOMING A TATTOO ARTIST , OR TEAC HING ART CLASSES.P.S. I AM SELF TOUGHT AND WAS WONDERING HOW MUCH ART EXPERIENCE YOU WOULD NEED, OR IF THEY WOULD EXCEPT SELF TOUGHT PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF TALENT. HIRING A MODEL SEEMS KIND OF UNREASONABLE IF YOU COULD USE EACH OTHER FOR REFERENCE.
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Something seems missing.
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Why is a chunk took out the death star?
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That's the incomplete Death Star from Return of the Jedi.
Great looking style!
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Love the style. Would make a great cover for a comic book
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Always felt the incomplete Death Star looked more menacing!
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Dan, can I put this on my Star Wars blog? I just need a bio and a link to share it.
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Of course you can!  Thanks man!  A bio?  "Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised on Buscema and Frazetta until ultimately moving to NYC to pursue a career at Marvel and DC Comics.  After working on a slew of titles he saddled up with the Image Comics boys and moved out West.  Once there he drew Prophet and branched out to video games like Duke Nukem and designed the characters for a game that eventually became the motion picture hit, Kung Fu Panda.  Today he illustrates a series for Le Lombard with author Stephen Desberg called John Tiffany.  He's also one of the founding members of the original Drink and Draw, which has spawned countless other Drink and Draw communities among artists and creatives around the world."
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Awesome! Thank you SO much!
Awesome the style u chose to do it in is really nice too.
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This is pretty cool, it's got almost all of the main group from the original trilogy. I love this :clap:
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Your artwork has been featured in our latest journal  -…

Beautiful work
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Happy star wars day!
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This is awesome!
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