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A little sketch from Drink and Draw. Red Sonja is riding angry. Someone's in for it.
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interesting! Ive never seen a natural redhead with such a tanned body!!! nice work xx
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I dig your Red Sonja
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Hey sorta like JScottCampbell.
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How do you figure?
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Great drawing! I think you're referring to the use of white out against colored paper. Something I've been doing for a long, long time. You can check out the Drink and Draw book which was published in 2006 from Image Comics. It compiled a bunch of illustrations by myself along with :icondevilpig: & :iconjohnsonverse: and a bunch of other guys drawn from 2005 on. I'm not sure, but I think the trend kind of caught on. I'm not saying we were the first artists to use that technique - but I am saying that nobody published or posted illustrations done in that style previously.
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I don't care.

It was a 10 second impression,

I don't really want to get into a semantic or chronological debate over it.

Move on.
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No worries. I get it. I was just explaining the history of a technique that's caught on. Have a good one!
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I know that conversation was over two years ago, but I feel compelled to say that you handled it with class. Thanks for the great example on how to act over the internet!
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Thanks. Yeah, it doesn't cost anything to be nice. 
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nice! i love that you got her hair to pop the most, given your eyes normally wander elsewhere w/ sonja.
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Thanks man! I'd love to draw an issue of RS! Better yet - I'd rather see you draw an issue of it!
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your girls are hot, but something about your redheads make them extra hot! :)
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nice legs..rawrr!
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would you marry Red Sonja? She'd be an awesome wife lol
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In a second I'd marry her!
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LOL , nah sir! We shall duel to the death for her!
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This is great! :D
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Thanks so much! Love your work!
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