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Pirate Tales

cover artwork for the first issue of Pirate Tales from Boom Studios. My favorite part? The little skeleton hanging out on the mast! Watch out for that guy! ;)

Also, check out the link below:

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Lost Boys-great flick!!
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AHHHHH I have this comic! I had no idea you were behind the great cover art! :D
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Thanks! Glad you liked it!
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Hello Dan,
Did you get the shirts by now?

Drop me a note if you did, my last shipment to the States dissapeared.

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I did! They came out awesome! I thought I emailed you but I guess I didn't! Thanks so much for sending them!
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Thanks for letting me know.
I recommend that if the shirts don't fit, that trim and fit women use them as nighties.

(just kidding)

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Hello again,
Maybe I should ask you about a commission.
For our staff t-shirts, we prefer pirate theme images because the customers really seem to like them, year after year.
Would you consider a job for such scurveyed rats as my staff, and for your illustrious captain Al?

It is true dead men tell no tales and live men tell no truth.

I could pay you with gold doubloons, if need be!

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I'm pretty booked these days but note me with your budget and maybe we can make it work! Otherwise, I can definitely steer you in a great direction of talented artists! DA is pretty cool that way! And thanks again! Yarrrrr!!!!
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Hello Dan,
If you could recommend an artist for a commission like this, please do.

I would love to get it done.


Al Douma
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I'll look around. Check my Favorites section and you can get a nice cross section for exceptional talent. All of it rivaling my own!
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awesomeness and masculine side of a pirate~
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Thanks! One of my favorites!
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excellent work : the draw, the ink, the colors...
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Excellent realism achieved! Very nice work :)
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I love him hair and eyes!
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