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King and Horse

Here's the last page from Conan Road of Kings #9 written by Roy Thomas published by Dark Horse Comics.

#10 should be out next month and I think the art made a bit of leap from issue to issue. At least I hope it did. Not my strongest page by far but I really enjoyed how the horse and king came out.

Hope you dig it and thanks for all the support!
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Super! Line is a... brilliant!
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Excellent, top -notch work! This style reminds me of the classic comics and the illustrator that did the Frankenstein book years back, whom I cannot remember his name, shame on me.

Absolutely love your style!


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Hmmm... My favorite was Berni Wrightson. But Gene Colon did some too. Thanks!!!
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fuck man. this is just awsome.
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This is so very cool!
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love how bold and confident your lines look. something I struggle with! Great work as always
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I struggle too! Thanks man!
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I was so happy to get #9 the other day :)
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Such a nice composition. This is gorgeous work Dan.
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MENG, i love these inks.
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Great work. You really captured the medievil setting with this one!
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Fantastic horse :D
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I have started buying these Conan comics for reading at work, the story and art are all killer! Nice work!
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Epic. Loved the first issue, can't wait for more.
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the both came out well, don't worry
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