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I posted this briefly last month! It's Creator Owned Heroes #7 cover featuring Killswitch! Stories and art by Scott Morse, Jimmy Palmiotti [ scoundrel...! ], Justin Gray, Darwyn Cooke, Steve Niles, Jerry Lando and Paul Mounts!!!

Creator Owned Heroes #5 is scheduled to ship this coming Wednesday (10/10/2012) with the start of the new storylines, creators, etc. Also, the digital downloads on Comixology for the first issue is FREE and the second and third issue are just $2 each....This means you can get almost 120 pages of digital content for $4! Very cool!
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I'd totally buy this as a print, sweet cover sir!
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Thanks man! Appreciated!
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awesome!! and will be checkin out the comic as well:)
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I'm going to read the shit out of this.
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Love it, man! :D Quick question! Was the layout really intended to look like as if it were cropped?
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"Hmmm. Should I tell him I have a penis?"

Super fly, Danno!
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very cool stylized cover art :thumbsup:
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Goddamn this is slick.
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now that is a well done cover! love the coloring - they harmonize with the linework perfectly. =)
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Very cool, this is one of my favorites from you.
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