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Jonah Hex

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Here's a page from an awesome Jonah Hex story I never got to finish written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Man that would have been fun!
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Damn your work is amazing. What do you use to ink? And what paper do you ink on?
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Great inks again ! Love your work.
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Cool work. I love your comics pages in b \ w
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Gives me a great Blueberry vibe.
el-douglas's avatar
coooool, is that brush?
urban-barbarian's avatar
It's all brush pen.
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great range of values.
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Is that Vincent Price? Did I just reveal how old I am? Dig your work man. Carry on.
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It's Richard Boone! Thanks man!
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I have zero feelings for Jonah Hex, but strong, warm feelings toward this page! You are a magician of art!
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Unfinished? Why you playin' with my emotions?

You're a natural fit on Hex.
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Great page, well done sir.
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Is the character in the third panel based on Vincent Price Dan? Fantastic artwork :)
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It's Richard Boone! Thanks man!
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Love the closeups a la spaghetti westerns
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Sergio Leone would be proud of you man!
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I love it! The first 3 panels are definitely reminiscent of Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Panel 4 reminds me of Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider. Panels 5 & 6 seem a bit more like something from John Ford.

What happened with this? Why didn't you get to finish it? It was because of those jerks that are running DC wasn't it? You want me to go break their knee caps? Is that too many questions?
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They put me on Unknown Soldier. So only 7 pages were completed...
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