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Irredeemable Cover 11

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Another angry Irredeemable cover! Mark Waid and Peter Krause have gained quite a following and I really enjoy putting these covers together.

I played around with a logo treatment that BOOM! most likely won't use - but nevertheless, was a fun process. Since they're alternative covers, I think the entire treatment should be a bit alternative. Why not?

Regardless, always a pleasure to work on these.
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Hi, Your wonderful work has been featured here. [link] =D Please take a look. :pat:
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Lovin' Irredeemable and Incorruptible. Good work on this cover.
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Thanks! I'm glad you dig it!
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Um...maybe it's just me, but this looks more like Max Damage than Tony/Plutonian.

Don't know why...maybe it's because I just read Incorruptible #1.

But still, awesome pic!
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Thanks. Chalk it up to artistic interpretation. Just like Jim Lee's Batman doesn't look like Frank Miller's Batman, etc.
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Or maybe, there is a connection between Max and Tony...hence the similarity.


Although, have to admit, having a blast reading both Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

Although, after reading issue 10: I WANNA' KNOW BETTE'S SECRET!

Sorry...loaded up on caffeine.
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At a loss fer words.
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God that is hot! I love it!
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damn great work sir, specially like the skulls in the back and front of the pic :nod:
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Wicked! Great job Dan!

(...and finally got my copy of Talon 0! YES!)
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Them are some purdy lines man. Way beyond badass
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This is awesome! Your covers are killer! I plan to pick up the trade so I hope they reprint your covers in there.
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Thanks! Yeah, they print them minus the logo copy, etc!
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Angry as hell, this guy. Super powers ain't all what they're cracked up to be.
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this is freakin awesome! it reminds me of how a scandanavian looks first thing in the morning!
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Wrong Side of the bed for Hondo can mean trouble for the gentle folk of the world!
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