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Frazetta Forever

Frank Frazetta's passing marks the end of an art era that inspired the entire fantasy and comic book artistic community. A powerful man in both art and life. He will be missed but never forgotten. Frazetta Forever.

More at this [link] done for Comic Twart
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Never got to see him, childhood hero .. I did know Ray Harryhausen a little in his later years, so I did get to see another hero .. Never forget Frank !!
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No one is quite like Frank Frazetta. I would have liked to have meet him. He even started using his left hand to draw and paint near the end of his life, because his right hand would seize up. The person telling us said that most artists either can't or won't do that. Frank was the exception.

If anybody else has interviews of his that are hard to find, please let me know!

And nice tribute. =)
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...and ever and ever...
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One of the greatest masters in my opinion one of my first inspirations....I was always baffled by his story..he was such a legend that when he was My age he was already making comics and such ...He was also teaching his own teachers that says something ^^....I really wished I could have met him and his genius ..
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I met him. Great guy...! I wish he was still around and causing trouble!
Ac015's avatar must have been amazing.....talking to him..he was probably wise and stuff ,but also fun
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wonderful tribute.
my favorite artist of all time:heart:
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Me too! There's only one Frazetta but many imitations!
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haaaa.... Conan ! What a great character !!!
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Hey,i read this guy bio when i attend some live drawing course,he's the legend,or sort of..sorry 4 my rudeness,but is this guy dead already?..
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Died just recently. A true power house of illustration and paint!
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Then we're really missing this fine artist here..sad! really luv his works..
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