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That is some serious Eisner like storytelling you have going on there, sir! Well done!
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Man, this is amaziiiiiing! -falls from the dragon-
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My only nitpik with this is that the aggressor isn't that remarkable given he launches an attack from the same arm three times, I feel something more inventive or more dynamic could be added, for example, the second frame could have the opposing man immediately retaliating by jabbing into the exposed face of the aggressor. Design and pace is great but it's the actual move set I think could be done differently.
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Thanks - but that's actually done on purpose.  It's part of the problem with that particular character.  In the book, it makes perfect sense.  But yes - good observation! ;)
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Good observation.
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Great to see a boxing comic .
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Very Frank Miller-esque (80's Dardevil Miller, that is). Great work! 
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what comic is this from?
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It's an upcoming book I'm writing and drawing.  An announcement will come soon! ;)
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I have an announcement , I will be purchasing it for sure ! :)
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Awesome. I love your inking. Reminds me of old comics.
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Love your lines, great stuff.
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great inking, motion, comps. top notch stuff
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Really an amazing this everything really jumps out to me. The lettering kinda reminds me of ,Wallace Wood or honestly Howard Nostrand. I actually have a question, what do you use to make those dots for texture motion  at first I thought it was shading film until they faded away or do you use a filter with a bush  just curious about it.
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